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Spotlight: Beyond Studio Ghibli Part Two

We’re back this week with part two of our Spotlight series of worthy, wonderful anime films to enjoy outside of the Studio Ghibli catalogue. This time we’re showcasing anime films released from the turn of the millennium to present day — check out last week’s Spotlight to find great films from before the year 2000.

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Spotlight: Beyond Studio Ghibli Part One

For many, the filmography of beloved animation studio Studio Ghibli was what kick-started their journey into anime, and for good reason. However, there are plenty of non-Ghibli anime films out there that are just as important and incredible, even if they haven’t received the same degree of international attention. In this two-part Spotlight, we're showcasing some of the best non-Ghibli anime films created.

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Spotlight: Nordic Noir

Now that we’ve reached the dead of winter, what better time for a little Nordic noir? Originally a literary genre, Nordic noir has given rise to a large and growing number of films and, perhaps most notably, series. Produced by countries with long, dark winters, these shows are known for their grisly murders, the troubled detectives who solve them.

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Spotlight: Who Runs the World?

Girls! .... Except in Bollywood where actresses have long been delegated to the roles of a romantic interest or an "item girl," while the lead roles are given to men. This curation of female-centric movies aims to depict the wide range of possibilities that exist when women are at the center of the story, as opposed to the sidelines.

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Spotlight: Cities: Paris

Paris: the birthplace of cinema, home to some of the best filmmaking of all time, and a city that has inspired filmmakers from around the world. This week’s Spotlight features the city in its glamour, grittiness, and everything in between.

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Spotlight: Best Films of 2021

As we head into the final days of 2021, another challenging year for filmmakers and film viewers alike, we are pleased to present twelve of the best international films of the year that are currently available for streaming.

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Spotlight: Directors: Lina Wertmuller

Provocative, outrageous, and larger-than-life, the films of this week’s spotlight comprise the early work of filmmaker Lina Wertmuller, the first woman nominated for a Best Director Oscar (for Seven Beauties). This week we offer a tribute to the Italian iconoclast’s controversial work.

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Spotlight: Directors: Yasujiro Ozu

Honoring the anniversary of both his birth and his death on December 12th, this week’s spotlight is a curation of the filmography of Yasujiro Ozu that highlights not only his famed melodramas but also his delightful comedies and thrilling yakuza films.

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Spotlight: Time Travel

Limited by our linear experience of time, we cannot foresee the future or rewrite the past. In our finite lifetimes, there are people whose paths we'll cross, and there are those we'll never know -- but with our imagination, the possibilities are endless. These time travel films take the imagined and make it real.

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