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Spotlight: Family Drama

In the past few months, COVID has forced billions of people to stay home. Some were quarantined alone, while others have spent an unusual amount of time with their families, sometimes in close quarters. This week, we salute them with this tribute to family drama.

Spotlight: Pride 2020

The month of June is Pride Month! Though many parades have been cancelled due to COVID-19, we have curated a list of LGBTQ films with messages of hope in celebration of Pride to watch during this time of physical distancing.

Spotlight: Abbas Kiarostami

In commemoration of Abbas Kiarostami on his birthday, we pay tribute to one of Iran’s most important filmmakers and a master of world cinema. Discover his work for the first time or revisit old favorites from a director known for his contemplative masterpieces, which tell deceptively simple stories with profound poetic and philosophical resonance.

Spotlight: Time in the Kitchen

Overnight, the COVID-19 lockdown closed restaurants and required us all to become our own personal chefs. If you’ve exhausted your favorite recipes and are feeling in need of some inspiration, watch these films and series about cooking, baking, and cuisines around the globe.

Spotlight: 100 Years of Political Action

This week we present a century of films about revolution and resistance. They highlight protests and political movements around the globe that have embodied the struggle for justice, as well as some of the leaders who enacted change by championing causes bigger than themselves.

Spotlight: Doctors' Lives

As doctors around the world work day and night to fight COVID-19, watch these films and series that focus on the lives of doctors in and out of the hospital. Ranging from the nerve-wracking to the inspirational, these stories help us to understand the struggles that come with dedicating your life to caring for others.

Spotlight: A Decade of Great Film from Asia

In honor of Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we’ve compiled a list of 12 of our favorite films over the past decade, from countries including Korea (which has really been knocking it out of the park lately), Japan, China, Vietnam, India, and New Zealand.

Spotlight: SIFF Retrospective

This week we’re celebrating the Seattle International Film Festival by looking back at some of the award winning films from its 45-year history. For more SIFF award winners, visit the festival’s microsite, available May 14th - June 7th, in recognition of the festival’s originally scheduled dates, prior to its cancellation due to COVID-19.

English movie from 1992: Orlando


Sally Potter
1992 United Kingdom, Russia, Italy


In this adaption of Virginia Woolf's novel, Orlando, a gender bending aristocrat, travels through more than 400 years of English history as a man and then a woman.

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Spotlight: Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan, a beloved star of Bollywood and international films, passed away on April 29. We’ve curated a list of films that demonstrate his range; whether a villain or a leading man, he brings emotional depth and power to every role.

Spotlight: International Workers' Day

Wondering what to watch after streaming Parasite for the 15th time? Check out these 16 films based on the same themes of income and class inequality to celebrate International Workers’ Day (May 1st) !

Spotlight: Earth Day Turns 50

This year, people around the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd during a global pandemic and mostly from their homes. Check out these amazing dramas and documentary films to be reminded how amazing – and how vulnerable – our home planet is.

English movie from 2019: Make the World Greta Again

Make the World Greta Again

Upon realising her generation won’t have a future unless the world’s politicians act now on climate change, 15-year-old Greta Thunberg skipped school in August 2018 to protest outside the Swedish parliament. What started as a one person strike soon gained global momentum.

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Spotlight: Alone, Together

In these films, the characters are either physically alone or alone amongst others. Under the circumstances, the characters must navigate their solitary pasts in order to move forward. As millions of people worldwide are under lockdown, there may be lessons to be learned from the challenges these characters face as they reckon with their respective experiences of isolation.

Spotlight: Virtual Voyages

If you are sick of staring at your living room walls, we feel your pain. Live vicariously through these films and travel down the Ligurian coast, through the Atacama desert, across the Pacific Ocean, or up the highest mountains in the world.

Spotlight: The Great Escape

If the constant barrage of bad news has you down, maybe a little escapism can help lighten your mood… Check out these feel-good films from around the world for an uplifting distraction from our current reality.

Spotlight: Series for Bingeing

As we all unexpectedly find ourselves with a lot more time on our hands, we wanted to recommend some of our favorite international series. From the Spanish crime drama Money Heist to Hibana, about two Manzai artists navigating Japan’s competitive comedy scene, there’s something for everyone.

Spotlight: Escape into the Past

If you’re feeling the need to escape our present reality, let one of these period films transport you into the past. Whether it’s 19th century India or 1950’s Italy, time travel can make for effective distraction.

Spotlight: Contagion

The threat of a global pandemic has inspired filmmakers for decades. Now that the threat has become our current reality, we look at the representation of the virus outbreak across genres including realist drama, science fiction, historical fantasy, thriller, and horror.

Spotlight: Sisterhood

With the release of Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women, here are films from around the world that tell the stories of sisters. Whether biological or chosen, sisterhood becomes an essential part of a woman’s identity and understanding of the world.

Spotlight: Recent César Winners

The Césars, the national film awards of France (and the French equivalent of the Academy Awards), will be announced this week. In homage to the highest film honor in France, we review the winners of this prestigious award from the past decade.

Spotlight: Berlinale Silver and Golden Bear Winners

This week marks the start of the 70th Berlin International Film Festival, which boasts the largest public attendance of any film festival worldwide. On this occasion, we look back at the recent winners of the festival’s main awards, the Golden Bear and the Silver Bear.

Spotlight: Oscar Nominees for Foreign Language Film

After a groundbreaking year for international films at the Oscars, we look back at past nominees for Best Foreign Language Film. In the words of Bong Joon-ho, “Once you get over the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.”

Spanish movie from 2010: Biutiful


You don't choose your family. We all belong to somebody, but to belong to Uxbal and Marambra, is both a blessing and a curse.

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Spotlight: 92nd Academy Awards

This week marks the 92nd Academy Awards and 18 international films are nominated, in categories including Best Picture, Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Actor, and of course, Best International Feature.

Spotlight: British Academy Film Award Winners

The 2020 BAFTA ceremony takes place on Sunday, February 2nd. The BAFTAs, produced by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, aims to recognize the very best in film of the past year. We look back at past winners of the BAFTA for Best Film NOT in the English Language.

Spotlight: Films from Down Under

Australia Day is January 26th, and a fine occasion to celebrate the cinema of a country that has produced so many great films, directors, and actors. From beloved gems of independent cinema to a franchise which has spanned four decades, here are some of our favorite Aussie movies.

Spotlight: Sundance Film Festival Winners

The 2020 Sundance Film Festival, the largest independent film festival in the United States, is coming right up (January 23rd – February 2nd). In this week's Spotlight we look back at some of the past winners of World Cinema Grand Jury Prize and World Cinema Audience Award.

English movie from 2013: Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

Maxim Pozdorovkin
2013 Russia, United Kingdom

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer
(Показательный процесс: История Pussy Riot)

A group of radical-feminist punk rockers protested Putin's reelection in 2011. Now they are victims of a show trial.

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Spotlight: Federico Fellini

January 20th marks the centenary of the birth of Federico Fellini, who had such a profound impact on not only the cinema of Italy, but also the cinema of the entire world. Here is our tribute to the maestro and his prodigious legacy.

Spotlight: Golden Globe Award Winners

On the occasion of 77th Golden Globes Awards ceremony, hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, we look back at the winners of the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture in a Foreign Language over the last twelve years.

Spotlight: Our Favorite Films of 2019

Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite and Pedro Almodóvar’s Pain and Glory are on many critics’ year-end lists of the best films of 2019, but we wanted to draw your attention to titles you may have missed. Here are some of our favorite films released in the US in 2019 and