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TELESCOPE SELECTS Our picks for the best new film from around the world


Mamoru Hosoda
2018 Japan

Kun, a 4 year old boy, feels neglected upon the arrival of Mirai, a newborn girl. During an attempted escape, Kun discovers a mysterious garden that transports him through time. In these magical journeys, Kun is accompanied by an older Mirai, as, together, they observe their family's past and future. Gradually, these adventures help open up Kun's perspective on his world.

Available on VUDU, Amazon, YouTube, Google Play

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Bottom of the World

Richard Sears
2017 Canada, USA

Scarlett and Alex's free-and-easy drive down Route 66 ends in horror, as Scarlett disappears. Shocked and scared, Ryan begins to search for her, finding himself brought to a desert by a masked stranger. Suddenly, he becomes trapped in a surreal world that is shaped by its own rules.

Available on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Google Play

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To kick off National Hispanic Heritage Month, we are celebrating one of the most vibrant film producers in Latin America: Mexico! In recognition of Mexico’s Independence Day, Telescope presents a list of classic and contemporary masterpieces that showcase the diversity of Mexican cinema. ¡Viva Mexico!

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NEW ON DVD International films available to rent or own

102 Not Out

Umesh Shukla
2018 India

An unusual love-hate relationship between a 75-year-old son and his 102-year-old father, who wants to break the oldest-man-alive record.

Available on Amazon

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