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Bantú Mama

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Dominican Republic · 2022
1h 17m
Director Iván Herrera
Starring Clarisse Albrecht, Scarlett Reyes, Euris Javiel, Arturo Perez
Genre Drama

An Afropean woman escapes after being arrested for smuggling in the Dominican Republic. She is sheltered by a group of minors in a dangerous district of Santo Domingo. By becoming their protégé and maternal figure, her destiny inexorably changes.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


TheWrap by Carlos Aguilar

The moody drama speaks of the inextricable links between Africa and the Caribbean without ever discussing it in academic terms but, instead, illustrating the bond with everyday exchanges between the unexpected visitor from abroad and the locals.


The New York Times by Concepción de León

It’s a quiet film that stays close to the central characters, but it could have benefited from broadening its view, giving context to some of the issues presented in the film — in particular how Blackness is perceived and experienced on the island.


IndieWire by Jude Dry

Artfully told and tenderly performed, Bantú Mama maps the history of the African diaspora in the Caribbean onto a tightly focused and compelling human story.


Variety by Manuel Betancourt

At once an intimate portrait of a makeshift family and a treatise on motherhood and motherlands, Bantú Mama is a quiet achievement.

88 by Marya E. Gates

Co-writers Albrecht and Herrera clearly have a deep connection to its setting in the Dominican Republic, to the island’s past, present and its future. They also deeply feel the ever-present current of African culture that persists throughout the post-colonial diaspora. They see the beauty and the complexity of feeling as though you belong in two places, to two cultures equally and at the same time.


CineVue by Matthew Anderson

Herrera’s exploration of the African diaspora in Bantú Mama does ask questions about identity, family, and the meaning of home which truly resonate.

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