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There’s a whole world of film out there. Welcome to it.

Our Mission

Telescope Film promotes international film to American audiences. Thanks to digital distribution, American audiences now have unprecedented access to films from around the world. At Telescope Film, our mission is to connect those films with the people who want to watch them — and to help that audience grow.

Our Site

Telescope Film is powered by a database of over 450,000 international films and series, with click through access to over 150 streaming services. We also offer curation, customization, and a community of film fans. In addition to the main site, there are dedicated microsites for individual countries, regions, and festivals.

How It Works

There are many ways to use the site. BROWSE ALL FILM with the button in the header, and filter by streaming service, country, language, genre and more. Or enter a search term in the search window. Find a film you want to watch? Just click through to the streaming service of your choice.

Check out the homepage to see what’s POPULAR IN STREAMING or NEW IN STREAMING. TELESCOPE RECOMMENDS are some of our favorite films from around the world. SPOTLIGHT presents a selection of films based on different theme each week.

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Justine Barda
Founder and CEO at Telescope

She is a senior programmer at the Seattle International Film Festival; she has also consulted to Sundance, the Toronto International Film Festival, and the Dubai International Film Festival. She teaches in the Film Studies Program at Seattle University.

Marc Bonne
CTO at Telescope

He owns Design Nebula, a web design and development consultancy founded in 2003. Previously he served as marketing director of Three Dollar Bill Cinema.

Marjorie Testa
Social Media Manager

Marjorie graduated in 2019 from Davidson College, where she studied Political Science and Studio Art. Her favorite way to watch films is smothered in blankets and surrounded by friends, or her cats, or (preferably) a combination of both.
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Cyrus Berger
Editorial Intern

Cyrus Berger is a sophomore at Wesleyan University, majoring in English and film. He likes to spend his free time writing, hosting his radio show, going on runs, and, of course, watching any movies and TV he can find.
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Marina Dalarossa
Editorial Intern

Marina is a recent graduate from UC Santa Barbara, where she studied Linguistics and Global Studies. She is currently based in Berlin and spends her free time exploring the city, playing guitar, and going to the movies as much as possible.
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Yasmeen Gaber
Editorial Intern

Yasmeen is a junior at Brown University, majoring in Literary Arts and French and Francophone Studies. She spends her free time consuming copious amounts of film and TV, taking brisk walks around campus, and listening to true crime podcasts.
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Diya Mehta
Editorial Intern

Diya is a sophomore at Pomona College, majoring in English and Politics, with a minor in French. When she’s not forcing her friends to watch movies with her, she’s baking, debating the merits of Jane Austen and performing impromptu karaoke Taylor Swift concerts (badly, and often off-key).
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Ricardo Rico
Editorial Intern

Ricardo is a lifelong fan of cinema, and is always searching for new films to add to his watchlist. He also enjoys writing, playing music, walking his dog and reading.
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