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Carmine Street Guitars

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Canada · 2018
1h 26m
Director Ron Mann
Starring Rick Kelly, Cindy Hulej, Dorothy Kelly, Jim Jarmusch
Genre Documentary

This documentary chronicles five days in the life of a Carmine Street Guitars, a small guitar store in New York City’s Greenwich Village. It features conversations between Rick Kelly, the store’s owner, and a variety of famous legends about music, guitars, and Kelly’s own guitar-making process.

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What are critics saying?


Film Threat by Bobby LePire

When the filmmakers focus on the artists who work there, it is moving and engaging. Despite how fun it is to see your favorite musicians in everyday life, there is not much they say that is interesting.


The Globe and Mail (Toronto) by Brad Wheeler

Nothing much happens in this pleasantly casual 80-minute conversation of a documentary. It doesn’t come to you; you must come to it – like a Jim Jarmusch film, particularly his "Coffee and Cigarettes" from 2003.


Slant Magazine by Chuck Bowen

The film celebrates the thingness of things, as well as the assuring clarity and lucidity that can arise from devotion to knowledge.


Rolling Stone by David Fear

It’s a love letter — to New York, to the bohemians and musicians who still live there come hell or high water, to the art of crafting a damn fine customized Stratocaster, to taking pride in your work, to shooting the shit and most importantly, to finding a place for fellow freaks and misfits to call home.


Original-Cin by Liam Lacey

Mann’s laidback, dramatized-reality approach to the subject is to treat Carmine Street Guitars, at 42 Carmine Street, as a village general store from another era, a place for friendly gossip and home-made goods.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

The eccentric, serene, almost poetic documentary about Kelly, his business, his protege guitar builder/decorator, the former art student Cindy Hulej.

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