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SPOTLIGHT's Film Curation Archives

Spotlight: Horror without Borders

As Halloween approaches, we present this selection of recent scary movies from around the world, ranging from the unsettling to the downright terrifying, from ghost stories to body horror, about haunted houses, deadly diseases, ruthless revenge, and so much more…

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Spotlight: No Place Like Home

Home is where the heart is and this week’s Spotlight features films with homes, and the idea of home, at their emotional center. More than simple sets, these homes offer insight into the innermost lives of their inhabitants as they confront questions of isolation and togetherness, exclusion and belonging.

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Spotlight: Autumn Tales

With the fall equinox well behind us, we head deep into autumn with the films in this week’s Spotlight. From pensive family dramas to stories of rebellion and revolution, these 12 films share warm color palettes, images of falling leaves and crisp autumn skies, and themes of transformation.

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Spotlight: World Teachers' Day

With school back in session and in celebration of World Teachers' Day (October 5th), we present this Spotlight on films about those entrusted with the responsibility of education, the powerful impact they can have, and the struggles and rewards involved in their work.

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Spotlight: Short Films: Lasting Impact

These films may be small, but their influence and legacy are undeniable. Often under-watched and overlooked in favor of feature-length films, many short films have a powerful impact. Let’s take a look at some fantastic short films that address social issues like war, sexuality, and feminism head-on.

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Spotlight: San Sebastián International Film Festival

As the San Sebastián Film Festival begins, and coincides with the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month in the US, it seems like an opportune moment to celebrate some of the festival’s prize winning films from Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Peru.

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Spotlight: Memories

Memories materialize on film. From a conversation between a mother and a daughter to a tragic love affair in the aftermath of war, cinema condenses both small moments and grand narratives in time. Under the camera’s gaze, the personal merges with the political through the power of memory.

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Spotlight: Sound Bath

While what we hear in a film may not always get the same attention as what we see, thoughtful sound design can bring life, authenticity, and dimension to moving images. The following films feature primarily diegetic sound designs and limited dialogue, resulting in immersive soundscapes that enhance the films' visuals and sweep the viewer away on waves of auditory texture.

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Spotlight: Golden Lions and Hidden Gems

With the Venice Film Festival starting this week, let's look back at some of the lower-profile winners of the top prize. Over time, the Golden Lion has launched some films into the annals of film history, while others have fallen into obscurity. This list showcases those under-seen films honored by the festival.

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