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Spotlight: Anti Hero(ines)

The female anti-hero challenges conventional ideas of both what it is to be a hero(ine) and what it is to be female. The complex characters in this week’s films break gender stereotypes, presenting multifaceted women with unique ambitions and moral complexities.

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Spotlight: Personal Transformation

At the start of the new year, many people aspire to make major changes to their lifestyles and personalities. This week’s films feature characters who may have taken the idea of personal transformation a bit too far.

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Spotlight: A Look Back at the Year in International Series

The season of binge watching is upon us! As we look back at the past year and make our holiday watchlists, here are some of the notable, streamable international series that either debuted or released new seasons in 2023. Whether your tastes skew towards mockumentaries, detective thrillers, revenge plots, or romantic comedies, this year's offerings contain plenty of variety to choose from.

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Spotlight: A Look Back at the Year in International Film

It can often take months between when a film debuts at a festival and when it is released online, but as we look back at the past year – and as we make our holiday watchlists -- we present some of the notable international films of 2023 already available to stream.

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Spotlight: Unhappy Families

As many families prepare to come together for the holidays, we consider Tolstoy’s observation that “[a]ll happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” These films explore the variety of ways a family can be unhappy, from the mildly dysfunctional to the completely deranged.

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Spotlight: European Film Awards

The European Film Awards have been presented annually since 1988 by the European Film Academy to recognize excellence in European cinematic achievements. On December 9th, the winners of the European Film Awards 2023 will be announced. In anticipation, we present a selection of the winners from 2022.

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Spotlight: Biopics

A notoriously difficult genre to do well, biopics nevertheless hold an enduring appeal. In addition to capturing a period of years, sometimes decades, in a scant few hours, they also extend the promise of real insight, and the possibility of knowing someone we otherwise would not. This week we offer some of our favorites.

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Spotlight: First Features, Part II

In Part II of our First Features Spotlight, we focus on films released this millennium, from directors like Andrey Zvyagintsev, who has built a substantial body of work since his 2003 debut with The Return, to Panah Panahi, son of Jafar Panahi (whose first film was included in First Features, Part I), who made his debut with Hit the Road just last year, in 2022.

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Spotlight: First Features

A first film is a singular moment in a director’s career — sometimes taking the tentative first step down a long path, sometimes announcing the arrival of a fully-formed vision and sensibility. The disparate films collected here represent the debut features of some of the great directors of the last 100 years.

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