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SPOTLIGHT's Film Curation Archives

Spotlight: West African Cinema

Grappling with the end of colonialism and the immense changes brought by modernization, West African filmmakers have sought to tell their own stories, through filmmaking that is post-imperial and Afrocentric in subject and form, a revolutionary cinema by African filmmakers for African audiences.

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Spotlight: Across the Universe: Space and the Human Imagination

Space has captured the imagination of filmmakers from the earliest days of the medium, resulting in some of the first, as well as some of the best, films ever made. In genres ranging from existential dramas to comedies to Westerns, space has functioned as a fruitful realm of human projection and fantasy.

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Spotlight: Leopards of Locarno

From postwar neorealism to contemporary slow cinema, Locarno has championed artistic, experimental, and avant-garde filmmaking since 1946. These films come from far and wide, all winners of the Golden Leopard, driven not by commercial interests but by the spirit of pushing the boundaries of cinema into new realms.

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Spotlight: Emerging from the Archives

In these films, filmmakers repurpose archival images and footage to remake a world of visual history. From fiction films to documentaries to something in-between, these films meditate on the possibilities and meanings of time in motion.

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Spotlight: The Lord of the Rings

On the 29th of July, 1954, J. R. R. Tolkien published "Fellowship of the Ring," the first of three volumes that would become the world-famous epic novel "The Lord of the Rings." For such a groundbreaking, enduringly popular feat of literature, there is no better way to celebrate than by gathering some of the best film adaptations of Tolkien's works in one place for a watch (or re-watch, if you're already a fan).

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Spotlight: Actors: Jane Birkin

In homage to actor and style icon Jane Birkin, this week we present a selection of films both featuring her and about her, as befits someone whose personal life and career had such an impact on French culture in the 1960s and beyond.

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Spotlight: Directors: Bergman!

In the history of cinema, few filmmakers cast a shadow as immense as Ingmar Bergman, whose brilliant body of work tackled both personal demons and broader questions about the human condition with a fearless and fascinating hunger. In honor of Bergman's birthday this week, here are twelve films we consider must-sees from the Swedish filmmaker.

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Spotlight: Directors: Pedro Almodóvar!

Pedro Almodóvar launched a one-man revolution in Spanish cinema when he began his career nearly half a century ago, with an aesthetic, a sensibility, and a genre-bending approach to narrative all his own. After a long and prolific career (still going strong), he has a prodigious body of work, but here are some of our favorites.

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Spotlight: Pride 2023

At a time when LGBT rights are under particular threat around the world, the assertion of our diversity and our common humanity becomes all the more important. In that spirit, we offer a selection of queer stories about soccer, dance, mental illness, war, refugees, anti-colonialist hackers, secrets, grief -- and, of course, love.

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