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SPOTLIGHT's Film Curation Archives

Spotlight: Nonlinearity

According to Einstein, “the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion," and these filmmakers would agree. Transcending the plot structure of beginning, middle and end, this week’s films all feature storytelling that warps the conventions of time.

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Spotlight: Lives of Musicians

How do the lives of artists inform their art? These films focus on musicians from around the world at various points in their careers, showing how the joy and suffering in their personal lives and in the world around them impact the music they create.

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Spotlight: Immersed in the Elements

The subjects of this week’s spotlight find themselves living in the wild, whether by choice or not. Deserts, oceans, forests, and mountains—the untamed elements of nature provide the backdrop not just for tales of isolation and survival, but also for stories of connection and belonging.

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Spotlight: Animal Characters

This Spotlight focuses on movies featuring animal characters, including live action and animation, and ranging from documentaries to realist drama to fantasy. These films provide a unique perspective on our world, showing how animals interact with each other and with human society.

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Spotlight: Divorce Italian Style

On the occasion of the International Day of Families, we’re focusing on Italian cinema of the 1960s that reflects the transformation of society brought about by the post-war economic boom (aka the “Economic Miracle”). These films tackle subjects including women’s entrance into the workforce, divorce, abortion, sex work, and the social shift toward individuality as a result of capitalist consumerism.

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Spotlight: Very British Telly

In this Spotlight, we’re exploring Very British Telly. These single-camera comedies are characterized by their dry, cerebral humor and dark comedy. Further, unlike the classic British sitcoms that preceded them, these series represent a modern era in British TV and paint a contemporary portrait of life in the UK and of its inhabitants.

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Spotlight: Farm Life

This week, we’re spotlighting a range of documentaries and narrative films set on farms large and small. While some farms are backdrops for family-driven dramas, others become arenas of local resistance against environmental destruction, industrialization, patriarchy, and more.

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Spotlight: World Press Freedom Day

In a world increasingly shaped by fake news, celebrating the dogged search for truth is more important than ever. This week we’re spotlighting films that show the role of the Fourth Estate in holding the powerful accountable, and the important work of journalists around the world.

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Spotlight: Silent Film

Filmmakers in the silent era pioneered influential techniques and crafted unique, moving stories. In this Spotlight, we look at some of the best silent era films from various countries and movements, as well as a couple modern silent films that pay tribute to that era.

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