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SPOTLIGHT's Film Curation Archives

Spotlight: Volcanoes

From disaster flicks to documentaries, from Mount Vesuvius to Mount Paektu, to Mount Doom, this week we‘re watching movies about volcanoes. With computer generated imagery, stop-motion animation, and spectacular live action footage, these filmmakers attempt to capture the singularly cinematic phenomenon of fire-breathing mountains.

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Spotlight: Cities: New York

New York has served as a port of entry, both literally and imaginatively, for people from around the world coming to America. These films tell their stories, and in so doing, offer a kaleidoscopic vision of the city from the outside in.

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Spotlight: More is More

At a time of year that lends itself to over-indulgence, we offer a slate of films that take a "more is more" approach. Over-the-top, campy, and melodramatic, these films invite the viewer to embrace the excess and worry about the consequences in the morning.

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Spotlight: The End Times

As 2022 careens to a close, we present a selection of films about endings of all kinds -- from the end of childhood to the end of the world, and all the many things that end along the way.

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Spotlight: World Cup 2022

With a billion people estimated to watch the World Cup, soccer is everywhere this month. With that in mind, we present these soccer stories from around the world, ranging from documentaries on the star players, to dramas about the impact of those players on the rest of us.

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Spotlight: Movies about Math

Abstract thinking is one of those activities that is notoriously difficult to represent onscreen in a compelling way. And yet mathematicians have been among the most important and consequential figures in human history – what could be more cinematic? These films try to do justice to their stories.

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Spotlight: No Man's Land

In honor of Veterans Day, we offer this selection of films about war and the toll it takes on soldiers and civilians alike. These 12 films address conflicts around the world, from those that ended over a century ago to those playing out in the present day.

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Spotlight: Cuffing Season

Cuffing season, the time of year when people are more likely to start new romantic relationships, is upon us! Whether you’ve found someone to cuddle up to as the weather gets colder or are remaining single and uncuffed, we offer these films about the early stages of courtship.

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Spotlight: Film from Turkey

From a country with a long filmmaking history comes a remarkable crop of recent films. Despite challenging political and economic conditions, these directors tell powerful personal stories that interrogate larger social issues including gendered violence and discrimination, corruption, immigration, and more.

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