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Lawrence of Arabia

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United Kingdom · 1962
Rated PG · 3h 37m
Director David Lean
Starring Peter O'Toole, Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn, Jack Hawkins
Genre Adventure, Drama, History, War

The story of British officer T.E. Lawrence's mission to aid the Arab tribes in their revolt against the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. Lawrence becomes a flamboyant, messianic figure in the cause of Arab unity but his psychological instability threatens to undermine his achievements.

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What are people saying?

Avery Herman Profile picture for Avery Herman

One of my all-time favorite films, the grandeur of the Hollywood Cinema of the 50s and 60s is on full display. Lawrence of Arabia is spellbinding; it is a true masterpiece of cinema and artwork.

What are critics saying?


Boston Globe by

Lawrence is back on the big screen, and it simply demands to be seen. Yes, again.


New Times (L.A.) by Andy Klein

Released in 1962, it was pretty clearly the most intelligent spectacular within living memory. On its 40th anniversary, it's even better.


Christian Science Monitor by David Sterritt

In short, they don't make 'em like this one anymore. Viewing it is like taking a time machine to a movie age that was more naive than our own in some ways, more sophisticated and ambitious in others.


ReelViews by James Berardinelli

Riveting from beginning to end, featuring stellar performances, amazing cinematography, and a story without a trace of fat, the film does everything an epic is supposed to do - and more.


LarsenOnFilm by Josh Larsen

The movie manages both senses of scale—the intimate and the expansive—with equal majesty, merging them into something moving, mesmerizing, and poetic, in a way only Lean movies could really manage.


Chicago Tribune by Michael Wilmington

It's perhaps only because it can't be seen in its full glory on television that "Lawrence" isn't ranked more highly on some recent all-time "best film" lists. But it belongs near the very top. It's an astonishing, unrepeatable epic.

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