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His House

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United Kingdom · 2020
1h 33m
Director Remi Weekes
Starring Sope Dirisu, Wunmi Mosaku, Matt Smith, Malaika Wakoli-Abigaba
Genre Drama, Horror, Thriller

Bol and Rial flee war-torn South Sudan with their daughter, Nyagak. Three months after arriving in Britain, the government assigns them a run-down house on the outskirts of London. They struggle to adjust to their new life while experiencing disturbing and ghostly phenomena in this unique horror-thriller inspired by the refugee experience.

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What are people saying?

Kelsey Thomas Profile picture for Kelsey Thomas

A unique take on the “haunted house” horror blended — a bit clumsily, at times — with the little-spoken realities of the refugee experience. The plot twist is unexpected and lasting, but the film's scares resonate more with the brain than the body.

What are critics saying?


The A.V. Club by

A potent, heart-wrenching spin on the classic haunted house story, buoyed by two stellar lead performances.


The Globe and Mail (Toronto) by Barry Hertz

Ultimately, Weekes’s story, which pivots on a minor-key twist that doesn’t quite earn its intended gasps, falls just short of justifying its feature-film length. There is an excellent short film hiding in the corridors of His House – it just needs a slight renovation.


Empire by Chris Hewitt (1)

One of the best British horror debuts in years, populated by well-drawn characters and a particularly nasty spirit. If you get a chance to move into His House, take it.


IndieWire by David Ehrlich

For all of its clumsiness and rookie missteps (which continue through the film’s gut-punch of a coda), His House is an urgent and spine-tingling ghost story about what it means to begin anew in a home that may not want you to live in it.


The Associated Press by Jake Coyle

By bringing the migrant crisis into a horror-film realm, His House has forcefully captured the traumas of the refugee experience. The grounded performances and pained faces of Dìrísù and Mosaku offer no easy answers.


Los Angeles Times by Justin Chang

A crafty feature debut for the English writer-director Remi Weekes, His House is one of those return-of-the-repressed freakouts in which suspense and social conscience effectively breathe as one. That’s the idea, anyway.


IGN by Siddhant Adlakha

Tightly wound on almost every front, His House packs an enormous emotional punch even once its scares grow stale.


The Observer (UK) by Simran Hans

Genuine jump scares are bolstered by the film’s spooky sound design, as well as terrific performances from Dirisu and Mosaku, whose terror is palpable.

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