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Finland · 2019
1h 46m
Director Miia Tervo
Starring Mimosa Willamo, Amir Escandari, Oona Airola, Hannu-Pekka Björkman
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance

After an encounter at a hotdog stand, a young, directionless woman, Aurora, and an Iranian asylum seeker, Damian, devise a plot to find a Finnish bride in order to gain asylum for himself and his young daughter. As they seek out the perfect candidate, Aurora develops feelings that complicate both her fear of commitment and her future plans to move to Norway.

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What are people saying?

Stella Rumble Profile picture for Stella Rumble

This film is just wonderful. It was really impactful, but it also treated the characters with a certain gentleness and compassion that was so great to see. The two leads are great, and the story they weave is truly touching. A nuanced and important look at immigration, family, substance abuse, and love.

Asia Cureton Profile picture for Asia Cureton

As someone who isn't the biggest fan of Romance movies, this film really surprised me. On its surface, this film is a classic opposites attract love story. However, the film's performances, comedy, and plot really sets it apart from other Romantic Comedies. Not only was the plot unique, but the characters were believable, enthralling, and likable. Though lighthearted, the film takes on important issues, such as immigration and racism, with intelligence and sympathy.

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