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Spain · 2022
1h 40m
Director Carlota Pereda
Starring Laura Galán, Adrian Grösser, Carmen Machi, Julián Valcárcel
Genre Drama, Horror, Thriller

After being fat shamed and bullied by a group of girls at the pool, Sara witnesses the same girls being kidnapped. Sara and the kidnapper become interested in one another, and she considers protecting this mysterious new person in her life or revealing what she witnessed.

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We Got This Covered by

Piggy surprises and shocks all the way up to its ending. It’s fueled by teenage angst and revenge, keeping you in suspense and invested in this story of sweet, potential revenge. Ultimately, it’s at its best when it takes the time to understand Sara and stick with her no matter what. Come for the story of Sara’s revenge, and stay for the twists and turns along the way.


The New York Times by Elisabeth Vincentelli

Pereda, who also wrote the script, is not afraid of psychological and moral ambiguity: It’s obvious that she is on Sara’s side — the bullying scenes are much harder to watch than the bloody ones — but she also knows that shame, guilt and secrecy fester into messy situations and messy people.


The A.V. Club by Luke Y. Thompson

As much as Piggy certainly has points to make about passive-aggressive status quo maintenance versus open violence, it unabashedly delivers enough terror, tension, and gore before it’s done.


Screen Rant by Mae Abdulbaki

Piggy (Cerdita in Spanish) has a slow-burn intensity that culminates in a superb ending and, though the film could have had tighter writing and better pacing in places, it’s still a satisfying watch.


Paste Magazine by Natalia Keogan

What’s present is so incredibly promising that it’s almost disappointing the film doesn’t wrestle with something bigger than bullying.

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