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SPOTLIGHT's Film Curation Archives

Spotlight: Academy Award for Best International Feature Submissions

Academy Award for Best International Feature Submissions: This week the five nominees for the Academy Award for Best International Feature were announced. The nominees are chosen from a pool of nearly 100 submissions from countries around the world. Many of these films are currently streaming and we are presenting them here in a special two-week Spotlight!

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Spotlight: Comic Book Movies (Live Action)

Comic books are a truly global phenomenon. Not only are they among the most translated texts in the world, but different countries have given rise to their own subgenres from manga to manhua to bandes dessinées. This week we present live action films and series inspired by comics and graphic novels.

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Spotlight: Directors: Pasolini at 99

With his willingness to confront the sexually taboo and the politically contentious, the career of director Pier Paolo Pasolini has been the object of both controversy and celebration. Here, in honor of his 99th birthday, we've curated a list of his most iconic films.

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Spotlight: Black History Month, International Edition

Today is the final day of Black History Month, an American-conceived celebration of Black heritage, achievement, and tenacity that’s since been adopted in numerous other countries. To see the month out, this week’s Spotlight features historical dramas, biopics, and documentaries that pay tribute to the stories of Black people around the world.

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Spotlight: Fashion Week

For the past 100 years, we have taken our fashion cues from the chic and stylish characters in film (and the costume designers who dress them). In honor of Fashion Week, enjoy these films known for their iconic costumes, and dream of changing out of your quarantine sweats.

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Spotlight: Love Hurts

Not all love stories have happy endings. Many are plagued with endless pining, longing, heartache, and heartbreak. Be it forbidden love, unrequited love, unconfessed love, or missed connections, this collection has it all (sad stories make great movies). All hail the lonely hearts!

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Spotlight: Lunar New Year Films

February 12th marks the beginning of the Year of the Ox, a symbol of hard work and positivity. It’s also the time to dive into Lunar New Year films, an integral part of Chinese culture, and look forward to a prosperous year.

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Spotlight: Girls and Women in Sports

In honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day being celebrated in the United States this week, we are spotlighting films about the experiences of women athletes and spectators in the historically male-dominated world of sports. From documentaries to biopics and coming of age dramas, these films call attention to the history and representation of these athletes and the work still left to do to support equity in sports.

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Spotlight: British Crime Dramas (2010s Edition)

When it comes to crime dramas, few countries are as known for their shows about police officers, detectives, and criminal investigations as the British. The past decade in particular was a spectacular period for British crime dramas, so we present here a selection of our favorites from the 2010s.

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