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SPOTLIGHT's Film Curation Archives

Spotlight: Welcome, Madam Vice President!

On January 20th, the United States will admit to office the first female Vice President in the country's history. To commemorate this historic moment, we present these stories -- both fiction and non-fiction -- of other women who have made their mark on the political landscape.

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Spotlight: Directors: Happy 80th, Hayao Miyazaki!

Happy 80th birthday to Hayao Miyazaki! A co-founder of the famed animation studio, Studio Ghibli, he is the screenwriter, animator, director, and producer behind several of the most acclaimed and beloved animation films ever made.

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Spotlight: 2021, Here We Come!

After the tumultuous events of 2020, we’re all looking forward to new beginnings in 2021. From fresh starts to second chances, these films will inspire you with stories of redemption, rebirth, renewal, and a sense of hope toward the prospect of starting anew.

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Spotlight: Surviving the Apocalypse

The coronavirus pandemic made 2020 a year like no other, but the end is finally in sight. With this apocalyptic period coming to a close, we now enter the “post-apocalypse” — a chance to reunite, rebuild, and relish the fact that things didn’t get quite as bad as they did in these movies.

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Spotlight: I Spy a Spy: A Tribute to John le Carré

Having worked for both MI5 and MI6, John le Carré was uniquely qualified to write espionage novels, many of which were made into movies, which went on to influence the genre as a whole. This week we offer a tribute to the spymaster himself.

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Spotlight: Movies about Movies (about Movies)

In this week’s Spotlight, directors turn the camera on their own craft, investigating what goes into making great cinema. The result is a series of stories about actors, writers, directors, and producers -- as well as massive budgets and microbudgets, meticulous planning and random chance, political pressure and personal passion.

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Spotlight: Body Horror

Vaccine breakthroughs are beacons of hope for most, but phobias about bodily intrusion still linger in the cultural imaginary, inspiring this week's spotlight. From alien parasites to surgical transfiguration, these films subject the body to a fate stranger and grimmer than death itself.

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Spotlight: Marx and Marxism

In honor of the recent World Philosophy Day, we celebrate one of the all-time greats whose work has never been more relevant, Karl Marx. As a reflection of his global influence, we present these films from countries including Korea, Germany, Chile, China, Algeria, and Sweden about income inequality, class struggle, and revolution.

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Spotlight: The Golden Horse Awards

The Golden Horse Film Festival, held annually to showcase Chinese-language cinema, culminates in a ceremony for the Golden Horse Awards, among the most prestigious and respected awards in the Chinese-speaking film industry. To celebrate this year’s winners and nominees, let’s look back at their past work.

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