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Microcosmos(Microcosmos : Le peuple de l'herbe)

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France, Switzerland, Italy · 1996
Rated G · 1h 20m
Director Marie Pérennou
Starring Jacques Perrin, Kristin Scott Thomas
Genre Documentary

A fascinating cinematic record of the interactions between insects and other small invertebrates. With incredible close-ups, slow motion, and time lapse photography, and from the liveliest meadows to the most placid ponds, see the magnificent world of insects as you've never seen it before.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Variety by

A feature documentary about a day in the life of the bug universe, Microcosmos is a surprisingly entertaining, visually stunning treat.


ReelViews by James Berardinelli

After watching Microcosmos, it will be impossible to take a walk in the woods without being aware of the amazing tapestry of activity going on all around, yet out of sight.


LarsenOnFilm by Josh Larsen

Scales glisten, legs scuttle, antennae unfurl, all in a symphony of exquisite shapes and inhuman motion. Watching the movie is like peering into a living kaleidoscope.


San Francisco Chronicle by Peter Stack

An extraordinary entertainment that personalizes the world of insects and other invertebrates and leaves audiences with an itching conviction of the poetry of nature.


Austin Chronicle by Russell Smith

Microcosmos is more about reverie than revelation. Still, don't be surprised if you come away from it with that feeling, like the aftermath of a deep, strange dream, that your consciousness has been enlarged in a subtle but very real way.