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United Kingdom · 2008
Rated R · 1h 58m
Director Mike Leigh
Starring Sally Hawkins, Alexis Zegerman, Eddie Marsan, Samuel Roukin
Genre Comedy, Drama

Poppy is a thirty year-old schoolteacher living with a roommate in a London flat. Her persistently positive attitude is almost always in contrast to the gloomy cynicism that surrounds her, as we follow her through a couple of chapters in her life.

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What are critics saying?


Variety by

Mike Leigh's mellowest work yet, and his most purely entertaining.


NPR by Bob Mondello

So relentlessly upbeat that it won't take long before you're wondering just how the director plans to wipe the smile off her face.


The New Yorker by David Denby

The movie is not an argument for chaos; it's an argument for making one's way through life with a relaxed will and an open heart.


Village Voice by J. Hoberman

At the very least, the spectacle of Poppy's devotion and desire, not to mention her all-around sunny disposish, left this viewer feeling unaccountably happy--at least for the moment.


ReelViews by James Berardinelli

While any or all of the events related during the course of the film might seem to form the backbone of an unendurably boring motion picture, everything comes alive because of Poppy.


Los Angeles Times by Kenneth Turan

As is always the case with Leigh's protagonists, Poppy does not fit into a schematic log line, she simply is. She exists with an intensity that few other filmmakers' characters can manage because of the singular way Leigh creates his people.


Entertainment Weekly by Lisa Schwarzbaum

The London universe Leigh creates (employing his trademark improv techniques to unite his ensemble, many of whom make their film debuts) isn't so much a reality as a hope, and an invitation to find joy and grace in everyday moments.


The A.V. Club by Noel Murray

Typically, Leigh withholds his own judgment as to whether Hawkins is a delight or a terror. But he does create a noticeable tension between the audience's expectations and the way the story plays out.

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