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Vera Drake

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United Kingdom, France · 2004
Rated R · 1h 57m
Director Mike Leigh
Starring Imelda Staunton, Phil Davis, Sally Hawkins, Daniel Mays
Genre Crime, Drama

Abortionist Vera Drake finds her beliefs and practices clash with the mores of 1950s Britain – a conflict that leads to tragedy for her family.

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What are critics saying?


The Hollywood Reporter by

It's difficult to think of another recent film so seamlessly rendered or that envelops an audience so completely in its period authenticity.


Salon by Charles Taylor

When one of the young women Vera attends to nearly dies of complications, the police arrest her -- and the movie goes thud, taking Staunton's performance along with it.


The New Yorker by David Denby

Marvellous, though it is smaller in emotional range than such earlier Mike Leigh films as the goofy bourgeois satire "High Hopes" (1988), the candid and piercing "Secrets & Lies" (1996), and the splendid theatrical spectacle "Topsy-Turvy" (1999).


Variety by David Rooney

Mike Leigh is at the peak of his powers with Vera Drake, a compassionate, morally complex drama that stands easily alongside his best work, "Secrets & Lies" and "Topsy-Turvy."


Christian Science Monitor by David Sterritt

The acting is brilliant and Leigh's screenplay - developed through his usual process of improvisation and rehearsal - is very long on compassion, very short on preaching and politics.


Village Voice by J. Hoberman

Vera Drake puts the passion in compassion. Building up to a shattering conclusion, Leigh's movie is both outrageously schematic and powerfully humanist.


Film Threat by Phil Hall

The film's screenplay is thick with major lapses in logic, resulting in a story that ultimately makes little sense.

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