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Seven Samurai(七人の侍)

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Japan · 1954
3h 27m
Director Akira Kurosawa
Starring Toshirō Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Yoshio Inaba, Seiji Miyaguchi
Genre Action, Drama

A samurai answers a village's request for protection after he falls on hard times. The town needs shelter from bandits, so the samurai gathers six others to help him teach the people how to defend themselves, and, in return, the villagers provide the soldiers with food.

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What are people saying?

Kenny Nixon Profile picture for Kenny Nixon

the modern action film basically starts here, a cinematic monument

Avery Herman Profile picture for Avery Herman

Imitation is the purest form of flattery, and all action in films stems from one movie: Seven Samurai.

What are critics saying?


TV Guide Magazine by

Much imitated, still unsurpassed. By critical consensus one of the best movies ever made, The Seven Samurai covers so much emotional, historical, and cinematic ground that that it demands to be viewed over and over again.


The New York Times by Bosley Crowther

On that simple framework and familiar story line, director Kurosawa has plastered a wealth of rich detail, which brilliantly illuminates his characters and the kind of action in which they are involved. He has loaded his film with unusual and exciting physical incidents and made the whole thing graphic in a hard, realistic western style.


Village Voice by J. Hoberman

Rich in detail, vivid in characterization, leisurely in exposition, this 207-minute epic is bravura filmmaking -- a brilliant yet facile synthesis of Hollywood pictorialism, Soviet montage, and Japanese theatricality that could be a B western transposed to Mars.


Boston Globe by Ty Burr

Moves like hot mercury, and it draws a viewer so thoroughly into its world that real life can seem thick and dull when the lights come up.

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