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Pialat uses the policier/crime genre to explore the lower depths of the Paris underworld, its a movie that somehow simultaneously has no action yet is all action
one of the most kinetic movie experiences you can ever have
the most mysterious Renoir film by a significant margin, he lost two reels during postproduction and it creates this bizarrely incoherent atmosphere that meshes perfectly with the Simenon source novel
One of the key films to see if you like films, Medvedkin's story is so inspiring
Rohmer's best, so insightful but so breezy you don't even realize it till you see Marlaud walking the streets at the end
Mani Ratnam may have had the most expressive camera of the 90s, and this movie is an absolute pinnacle of expressiveness and high emotion
An intricately drawn melodrama hides a cutting commentary on global capitalism and its relentless powers of dehumanization
reminiscent of Rohmer's vacation relationship dramas, but carves a different path and feels lived-in in a different way
One of the first and most important deconstructions of the male gaze
The birth of the character Rajni has spent the latter part of his career interrogating, and an epic in every sense of the word
A blatantly combative political film that is a pinnacle of Rajni's late career work, it simultaneously interrogates his cult of personality while remaining clear eyed as to who the real enemy is
A classic of Hindi cinema and the masterpiece of acclaimed actor/director Guru Dutt, harsh shadows drench the film with some of the most beautiful close-ups you will ever see
Barnet isn't as widely known as many of his contemporaries (Eisenstein, Vertov) but arguable was the most talented of the early Soviet filmmakers, and this is his highest achievement, an almost musical tale of love and friendship
the modern action film basically starts here, a cinematic monument
Caravaggio x Melville, a beguiling and under-looked masterpiece about the nature of power
impossible not to come out of this film a completely different person
the talk of Bresson as a 'transcendentalist" is untrue, the man was a materialist par excellence, life parsed down to essential gesture and tactile feeling
probably my favorite performance by a child in any film, and the scene where the villagers all bring their chairs to the theater to watch Frankenstein never fails to move me
Buñel's take on neorealism naturally invokes his surrealistic roots, creating a masterpiece of clashing elements that feels fresher every time you watch
maybe not for those unfamiliar with Montieiro's particular interests, but probably the most distilled and direct version of his filmmaking style is present here, a surrealistic rhapsody of perversion
Probably the greatest performance of the 2010s is in this film by Nina Hoss
Rohmer's most ridiculous film is his funniest by a good margin, idyllic vacations ruined by stupid little hearts
a film that contains all that is before it and all that will come after it, Sammo's highest achievement as a director and maybe as a performer
one of the most jarring of all youth films that leads into an even more shocking finale, an all timer that deserves to be better known
Easy to read as a bitter rebuke to The 400 Blows, but this tragic film traces its own path and is mining its own demons, similar to Pialat's own purposeful diversions from the New Wave
Sadly not one of his better known films, but easily his most exciting in my opinion, no heroism just raging conflict
a monument of action cinema, King Hu was fully formed since the beginning
there is no room to catch your breath in this frenetic pacing, but in its incoherence, Sammo sort of touches the sublime. Also there is a friendly orca named Neptune.
pure aesthetic pleasure brushes against pure masochistic desire
I don't believe there is another film that treats the act of walking in the same way, every gesture serves a tragic function
Naruse opens his career with a lively comedy that feels atypical if you aren't paying attention
Maybe the most radical act of artistic self-critique and re-evaluation ever, and the first film of the 21st century
A ridiculous production history almost serves to misdirect you from what might be Renoir's true masterpiece. I don't understand how this can be said to be 'incomplete'.
A key film in that it presents a world capable of response to even the most sweeping of emotions
Every time Dreyer moves the camera I have to hold my breath the feeling is so intense
Its analysis is debatable, but its vision is undeniably lucid, a treatise on what could've been
Pialat's autobiographical masochism is as thrilling as it is devastating
Fassbinder understood Sirk better than anyone else because he knew the 50s melodramas were never about 'irony' or 'distance' just piercing emotion
a bitter rebuke to a fascist regime wholly unprepared for Buñel's vision
An honest film about religion that only a nonbeliever like Buñel could've made
such a cruel world orchestrated with such precision its staggering
in my opinion a significant improvement on the first Jackie Chan film, and a fascinating take on British/HK relations
the most adorable movie that has as many fart jokes as an Adam Sandler joint
formal exactness almost unheard of, and a mysteriously tense anti-thriller
maybe the greatest current filmmaker with a typically genre-shifting masterpiece where the protagonists insularity finds itself at odds with a responsive world
Tsui flies around this magical world with imaginative conviction, a stunning achievement that should be better known
The greatest leap of faith a world-famous actor has ever taken and most likely ever will take, Bergman goes from period sets with Hitchcock to the molten island of Stromboli within a year and pulls off two amazing performances
Shades of Dostoevsky appear here for me, something about how Pasolini interprets certain questions of morality. This is one of the best debut films.
my favorite Antonioni scene is here when Moreau is simply walking and thinking at night, no dialogue or explanation necessary
still as exciting as ever, and Godard's best of the 60s
one of the few (relatively) contemporary films to really and truly understand what makes a good rom-com
One of the most important films of the 21st century, the real consequences of de-industrialization is often painted in broad terms, Wang brings his camera to the specific, the faces of the people most directly impacted
such exciting filmmaking, as Tsui calls back to an artistic peak of filmmaking in China as well as points towards a future many filmmakers would do well to catch up with
the most bleak film of the comedies and proverbs cycle, Rohmer sees very little sunlight in the Paris suburbs, and for good reason
Buñel's most direct attack on machismo and its ripple effects, and a pretty clear (if unacknowledged) precursor to Vertigo
very few films reach this level of tactility, the rush towards Leterrrier's boots hitting the ground is a uniquely breathtaking experience
A cautious nihilism drives the events in one of the largest and most epically scaled wails of despair ever put to film
Cinema's greatest humanist with his most direct statement
A film with an almost extra-diegetic power, worth paying attention to how Dreyer articulates a natural and worldly response to problems of belief
such a key film for understanding Lang, everything is sent through the destiny-machine
legitimately incoherent when it comes to the plot, but contains an opening scene that will floor you and some of Bava's most graphically pleasing compositions