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Stromboli(Stromboli (Terra di Dio))

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Italy, United States · 1950
1h 45m
Director Roberto Rossellini
Starring Ingrid Bergman, Mario Vitale, Renzo Cesana, Mario Sponzo
Genre Drama

In the aftermath of World War II, Lithuanian exile Karin marries an Italian fisherman named Marco as a means to secure her release from an internment camp. Taken to his island home, she finds it far from a paradise. Facing hostility from the environment and the locals, Karin endeavors to secure her freedom once more.

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Kenny Nixon Profile picture for Kenny Nixon

The greatest leap of faith a world-famous actor has ever taken and most likely ever will take, Bergman goes from period sets with Hitchcock to the molten island of Stromboli within a year and pulls off two amazing performances

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