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My favorite Wong Kar Wai film to date-- Fallen Angels doesn't simply follow a hero's journey, it paints a picture of Hong Kong with light, color, rhythm and nostalgic melodies. Through the characters, Wong Kar Wai tells the story of a city. While character developments and conflict resolutions can hardly be found in this film, the city of Hong Kong emerges in all its unforgettable vividness and allure.
Parasite really shows how brilliance can arise from the most minimal of approaches. The plot itself is straightforward and easy to follow-- the film acquires its sophistication from layer upon layer of metaphor and symbolism. I have watched Parasite many times, and still notice something new after every viewing. This film really never gets old.
If I had to describe Melancholia with just one word, it would be "haunting". This science fiction film takes a brutally real and up-close look at the reality of depression and mental illness. And although at times Lars von Trier's symbolism and imagery make melancholy look beautiful, it still does not distract from the overwhelming pain and suffocation of this never-ending struggle.
Amelie offers a viewing experience that is nothing short of magical. Colorful, hilarious, quirky, and romantic-- this film will always holds a special place in my heart.
Chungking Express is one of the few films that can make me laugh as much as it makes me cry. Moments of lighthearted humor find their way ever so naturally into this nostalgic, rhythmic, and colorful portrayal of 1990s Hong Kong and its people for whom the daily struggle is coping with loneliness and a burning desire for connection. Wong Kar Wai's iconic cinematography and editing shine in this masterpiece, creating a unique and unforgettable viewing experience.
A beautiful romance told subtly and tenderly. This period piece owes its effectiveness to the centering of the female gaze - of the woman staring back at us as we stare at her. Celine Sciamma portrays her female characters with the kind of fierceness and power that is refreshing to see on the big screen.
The real event that this film is based on is a murder mystery that is unsolved to this day, thus giving viewers no clear answer or a satisfying sense of closure. But in spite of that, Memories of Murder is still filled with dramatic conflict and is extremely captivating all throughout. I was on the edge of my seat from the beginning until the very end!
Chris Marker is absolutely brilliant in the way he plays with temporality in this film. To me, the most haunting philosophy of La Jetee is that we are all prisoners of time--and what better way to convey that philosophy than to tell a story comprised almost entirely of still images, to "trap" the story and its characters in various moments in time?
This series will always hold a special place in my heart--it reminds me of the time I spent living in Japan and brings back memories of the beautiful city of Tokyo. I love to put on an episode while eating--the intimate atmosphere of this show will make you feel as if you were actually eating out at a late-night diner with old friends.
As always, Makoto Shinkai's animation is gorgeous, and so beautifully compliments this heartfelt--and at times, heartbreaking--love story. One thing I really love about Your Name is how the narrative plays out. There is plenty of mysteries, twists, and surprises that promise an intriguing viewing experience.
I love the ride-or-die relationship between the two main characters-- like in every other coming of age story, they are teenagers getting themselves in trouble, but this show's definition of "trouble" is definitely more extreme than most. Every episode a new thrilling experience, The End of the F***ing World just never gets old. The music is another great thing about this series--there are a lot of unforgettable needle drop moments!
This film is so tranquil and wondrous. The Scent of Green Papaya will surely be a refreshing escape from the restless haste of modernity, allowing you to experience life in a very different time. Mui is a wonderfully captivating protagonist-- you just can't help but fall in love with the world a little more when you can see it through her eyes.
My favorite thing about Pan's Labyrinth is the strength and love that Ofelia possesses, making her a loveable child protagonist. However, watching this film as an adult, it is impossible not to draw connections between Ofelia's magical story and the Spanish civil war, which gives the story a much less innocent layer of meaning-- as much as it is a fairy tale, Pan's Labyrinth is also a story of escapism, of a child's desperate attempt at grappling with the trauma inflicted upon her by adults.
Ex Machina is gripping and terrifying. It opens up room for an interesting discussion about modern innovation, and where the line can be drawn, if at all, between man and machine. This film truly keeps me at the edge of my seat with plenty of surprising twists and turns as well as intriguing mysteries all throughout.
This film becomes truly remarkable when placed within the context of its production-- when Zhang Yang's Shower was released, China was undergoing a period of sweeping cultural reforms, replacing the old with the new, sometimes at the cost of history. In this context, Shower is much more than a family drama, it is a dispute between different generations, a struggle between tradition and modernity. The film is slow-paced and quiet, which sets up the perfect atmosphere for reflection.
Based on true events, A Taxi Driver is an emotional story of an ordinary man turned hero, a man caught between his simple needs and a greater cause. It is so heartwarming to follow Man-seob's character development throughout this film.
I absolutely adore this film. Persepolis' style of animation is definitely effective in its ability to convey the cruelty of war, political conflict, and discrimination without taking away from the seriousness of these topics. Still, Marjane's portrayal is so endearing - her personal struggles and journey to adulthood are in many ways universal, which makes it possible for young women of various backgrounds to resonate with her character.
This film is one of my childhood favorites, and even as an adult, I still enjoy it. I admire Hayao Miyazaki's attention to detail in his animation style, and Howl's Moving Castle is visually stunning. The soundtrack of the film is gorgeous and so nostalgic, I listen to it all the time!
This film made me cry so many times. There are moments of humor that lighten the mood, but overall, the film leaves me with a father-daughter relationship that is so pure and tender it is heartbreaking.
Mat Biec is enjoyable, but there is much to be desired about this film. The original novel by Nguyen Nhat Anh builds a world of extremely complex characters and relationships that I think the film brushes over at times in an attempt to make its way through the entirety of the highly intricate plot in two hours. Still, the soundtrack is great - I really enjoy the original songs in this film.
I loved this film! Furie is fast-paced and action-packed, which kept me at the edge of my seat. Ngo Thanh Van is an absolute icon - portraying a loving, fearless mother willing to do anything to protect her child, she gives Vietnamese women the representation they deserve.