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The Scent of Green Papaya(Mùi đu đủ xanh)

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Vietnam, France · 1993
1h 44m
Director Tran Anh Hung
Starring Trần Nữ Yên Khê, Man San Lu, Thi Loc Truong, Nguyen Anh Hoa
Genre Drama, Romance

Mui, an orphan girl, is taken in by a merchant family in Saigon to be their servant. Growing up, she witnesses all the family's darkest secrets, but never loses her sense of wonder. Ten years later, Mui now works for the soon-to-be-married son of the family, but their relationship is growing into something more.

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What are people saying?

Minh Bui Profile picture for Minh Bui

This film is so tranquil and wondrous. The Scent of Green Papaya will surely be a refreshing escape from the restless haste of modernity, allowing you to experience life in a very different time. Mui is a wonderfully captivating protagonist-- you just can't help but fall in love with the world a little more when you can see it through her eyes.

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