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Telescope Recommends Our picks for the best new film from around the world

Birds of Passage

Cristina Gallego · 2018 · Colombia, Denmark, Mexico

Available on Microsoft Store, Google Play Movies, Amazon Video, Crackle, Vudu, VUDU Free, Plex, YouTube, The Roku Channel, Apple TV, Plex Player, fuboTV

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Paris Calligrammes

Ulrike Ottinger · 2020 · Germany, France

Available on DocAlliance Films, Filmforum

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Spotlight: Biopics

A notoriously difficult genre to do well, biopics nevertheless hold an enduring appeal. In addition to capturing a period of years, sometimes decades, in a scant few hours, they also extend the promise of real insight, and the possibility of knowing someone we otherwise would not. This week we offer some of our favorites.

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