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France, USA


1 seasons • Still in production

Rated TV-MA • 48m

Creator George Kay

Starring Omar Sy, Hervé Pierre, Nicole Garcia, Clotilde Hesme

Genre Crime, Drama, Mystery

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A retelling of the classic French story about the adventures of Arsène Lupin, the world-famous gentleman thief and master of disguise. Inspired by Lupin’s clever skills and charming demeanour, Assane Diop sets out to avenge his father’s death, to correct an injustice inflicted by a wealthy family.


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Ting Shing Koh Profile picture for Ting Shing Koh

This was the perfect show to start off my 2021! Arsene Lupin is the ultimate gentleman burglar, and Omar Sy's depiction of him is simply extraordinary. Charming, smooth, and always a step ahead, Lupin keeps you on your toes at all times. I'm desperately waiting for the second half of season 1!

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