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For fans of the Ocean's trilogy, or just about any heist movie sprinkled with comedic elements, the intricate plot and unpredictable characters kept me on the edge of my seat!
A touching story of a woman's struggle to survive beyond this world, Gravity is a cinematic masterpiece that makes you clutch on tighter to those around you.
Emotional, heart-wrenching, sweet yet poignant--Amour is a timeless love story between two characters you'll fall in love with instantly.
Watched this with my baby cousin and instantly fell back in love with my childhood companion! Perfect for a family movie night—it brings you back to a time where things were much simpler than they are now.
A classic boy meets girl story, where you can't help but root for a seemingly impossible couple to end up together. Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts' charming performances and undeniable chemistry really put it over the top!
Inspirational and uplifting--truly a national icon. Whether or not one is interested in martial arts, this film will make you feel motivated and able to overcome whatever life throws at you.
I never thought I needed a friendship between a grown man and a 12 year old boy until I watched this movie. Their heartwarming relationship will make you reevaluate your priorities in life.
A must-watch for anyone who has ever had a crush in high school. Although a typical boy meets girl story, this film takes you on a rollercoaster ride as you grow attached to their relationship before it has even started.
I'm not a big fan of fantasy films, but this romance with a fantasy twist really drew me in. I was on the edge of my seat the whole movie, being hit by one twist after another. The exquisite musical score also adds major points to this film. A classic-to-be, in my opinion!
Cute, cute, cute! A teenage love story that tugs at your heartstrings throughout the film. Yes, it's cliché, but who doesn't love a good cliché rom-com?
This film really showcases how powerful family can be and how much a parent is willing to do for their child. Set in one of the most horrific times in history, the film presents a bittersweet narrative as the father shields his son from their harsh reality. No spoilers but get your Kleenex ready, I certainly needed plenty!
Who wouldn't want to wander through the city of love at night? As Gil meets wondrous figures of the past, navigating through the streets of Paris on his fantastical journey, I felt as if I was tagging along on the thrilling ride, unsure what the next night will hold. An intriguing concept plus beautiful cinematography, an absolute delight!
This film throws you into a frenzy, as we follow successful yet eccentric tycoon Hughes through his battle with his inner demons. The storyline might be slightly flawed, but that doesn't stop DiCaprio from delivering an amazing performance, one that will make you forget the little discrepancies in the plot.
Slumdog Millionaire is well-deserving of its Oscar win. Aside from being an entertaining watch through and through, the way the film embeds hidden meanings through depicting the society of modern-day India really made me think and delve deeper behind the surface-level laughter.
Although I'm often skeptical of sequels, this sequel still somewhat holds up to the fun and light-heartedness of its predecessor. However, don't expect it to be just like the first movie, which will always be a classic in my opinion. This film is for those who just want to relax with some nostalgic music and carefree characters.
A classic adaptation of a classic. The performances, the musical sequences, the cinematography, and of course, the storyline, all contribute to the complex emotions within this film--a guaranteed tear-jerker!
I stumbled upon this film incidentally, and as a fan of Keira Knightley, decided to give it a shot. I didn't know what to expect, and was fully engrossed throughout the film. Colette is a truly uplifting film of taking back one's voice, especially in a society where one is told not to speak.
In the midst of war, there is always love. Although The Aftermath may not present the most original storyline, the actors' performances and chemistry were definitely what kept me hooked throughout the film.
Keira Knightley shines in this film as a whistleblower on trial. The complex emotions were very well-delivered as you can't help but root for her throughout the thrilling progression of events.
This film frustrated and angered me, which I believe means that it did its job. A very pertinent film to our present times, Bombshell details a true story of sexual harassment in the workplace, bluntly portraying the dirty and demoralising deeds that take place behind the curtain.
Who knew Taron Egerton would pull off such a good Elton John? I sure didn't. With its glamorous and slightly over-the-top spectacles, Rocketman brings out the life from Elton John's very widely acclaimed discography. A must-watch for fans of musicals and anyone down for an emotional journey!
Not exactly a biographical film of The Beatles, Yesterday presents an interesting take on the band's illustrious discography. Humorous, charming, and slightly emotional at times, this film is a must-watch for anyone seeking a laugh. It doesn't hurt that the soundtrack's all classics too!
Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio's chemistry really brings this film to life. Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood truly is a classic Tarantino where you won't know what to expect until the next scene appears on your screen. Humour, drama, action, and emotion--this one has it all!
An all-time favourite of mine, 3 idiots is the perfect blend of comedy and deep social issues. For anyone seeking a good laugh, the film presents a 1 for 1 deal--a few laughs for a few tears. Emotional, hilarious, and just a fun time, this film is a must-watch for anyone who has ever done stupid things in their youth with friends.
Although not super original or thrilling, The Chorus nonetheless depicts a sentimental story of music, friendship, and growth. A simple yet soft film that gently tugs at your heartstrings, the film is for those who'd simply like to enjoy a sweet story with some pleasant music.
Although cliche and predictable, what makes this film stand out is Renée Zellweger performance in it. She manages to make audiences root for and even fall in love with a clumsy, crass, and often contradictory character. It's the first film in a classic romcom series that will never go out of style.
To be honest, sequels aren't usually my thing. And although this sequel rings true to a certain extent, there is still some sort of inexplicable charm about Bridget Jones. As she fumbles through her love life, her job, and pretty much everything else, we see a real woman struggling with balancing her life, a fresh perspective unlike the typical Hollywood glamorisation of life.
Used to seeing Jackie Chan in comedies growing up, this film certainly opened my eyes to the range and potential he has in terms of acting. A heart-wrenching story of a father seeking justice for his daughter, this film depicts the dangerous outcome of what happens when you push someone too far. With the action sequences and thrilling plot progression, I was on the edge of my seat throughout!
I just recently rewatched this film, and boy has it held up! Harry Potter was my childhood (and I'm sure the childhood of many others) and this is where it all started. With wizardry, mysteries, and magic broomsticks--what more could a kid want in a movie? I believe this franchise should be a staple in all children's lives, whenever they are born.
This sequel adds more action, drama, and twists to the storyline. The action sequences definitely contribute more spark to the film, although I would've been totally fine with just their magic/sleight of hand sequences. I believe it holds up to the first film (just look at the scene in the vault itself), but don't expect something exactly the same as the first.
Who knew watching one man living alone on a planet would be so interesting? I sure didn't. This film is a genuine look into one man's psyche as he is his only company in a place where conditions are less than ideal. It's not simply a space spectacle, but a man's journey of self as he struggles with tumultuous conditions and even more tumultuous emotions.
A classic thriller that leaves you at the edge of your seat throughout the film. Liam Neeson's creates a character different from the spies and special agents we have seen before. His unique charm and cleverness carries the whole movie as you can't take your eyes off of him in action.
This was just the thrill I needed during a time where nothing seems to be happening. Liam Neeson seems to have returned to his Taken days as although a decade later, he's still as sharp as a knife. Perhaps cliche in its storyline, the action in the film is what will keep you watching.
Tenet is the best kind of confusing you'd want in a film. A classic Christopher Nolan, I seem to be constantly peeling away the layers as new information comes to the surface. The film keeps you engaged throughout, as if you look away, you just might miss something important.
Bohemian Rhapsody made me want to live in a time period long before I was born. The film not only depicts Queen's rise and fall, but more importantly illustrated the personal struggles of Freddie Mercury I didn't know before (even as a fan of his music). It doesn't hurt that the soundtrack is simply iconic. Also, the Live Aid performance will always be one of my favourite performance's in live music history, and the film, I'd like to say, did it justice.
This was the perfect show to start off my 2021! Arsene Lupin is the ultimate gentleman burglar, and Omar Sy's depiction of him is simply extraordinary. Charming, smooth, and always a step ahead, Lupin keeps you on your toes at all times. I'm desperately waiting for the second half of season 1!
One of my favourite k-dramas of all time! This series really has everything: romance, conflict, secrets of the past, and a complicated web of characters all slowly revealed to be connected to one another. Although exaggerated at times, one thing that makes this series stand out is how it explores deep-rooted issues such as corruption, bribery, and the nitty gritty of what it takes to be a reporter with integrity.
With a familiar yet atypical background for a classic romcom story, this series was one of my highlights of last year. A dashing military officer meets a charming heiress--two star-crossed lovers, destined to be apart (literally). But their undeniable chemistry just keeps bringing them back to one another. I would definitely recommend this to anyone seeking for a refreshing Korean series with hints of familiar tropes.
This series was one of the first k-dramas to get me into the genre. With a star-studded cast, each bearing a unique charm and character, this series reels you in at first sight. Although a typical high school love story, the series also explores deeper subjects such as social class, dysfunctional families, and disabilities. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a light-hearted show to binge on a relaxing night!
This is definitely one of the more innovative series I watched in a while. Although parallel universes are not an uncommon theme in cinema, I didn't expect a romance series to delve so deep into the fantastical aspect of the show. However, having parallel universes between a comic book and reality simply enriched the storyline and made me want to continue watching. I couldn't wait to witness the fate of two lovers from two entirely separate worlds.