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Howards End

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United Kingdom, Japan, United States · 1992
Rated PG · 2h 20m
Director James Ivory
Starring Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham Carter, Anthony Hopkins, Samuel West
Genre Drama, Romance

A saga of class relations and changing times in Edwardian England on the brink of modernity. The film centers on liberal Margaret Schlegel, who, along with her sister Helen, becomes involved with two couples: wealthy, conservative industrialist Henry Wilcox and his wife Ruth, and the downwardly mobile working-class Leonard Bast and his mistress Jackie.

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What are critics saying?


TV Guide Magazine by

The filmmakers have allowed themselves an overlong 140 minutes in order to preserve as much of the plot as possible, but they have bypassed many of the novel's key ideas and ironies.


Chicago Reader by Jonathan Rosenbaum

This is the apotheosis of Classics Illustrated filmmaking, aiming at nothing more than tasteful reduction, and the fact that it's done so well here doesn't mean that it's necessarily worth doing.


Los Angeles Times by Kenneth Turan

Because it is confident of its story and its powers, “Howards End” takes the time to establish itself, to allow its characters the space to demonstrate subtlety and complexity.


Rolling Stone by Peter Travers

Incisively witty, provocative and acted to perfection, this sublime entertainment is a career peak for producer Ismail Merchant, director James Ivory and screenwriter Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.


Washington Post by Rita Kempley

Merchant and Ivory have regathered many of the cast and crew from their earlier films to work on this reproduction to exquisite effect.


Chicago Sun-Times by Roger Ebert

The splendid cast embodies the characters so fully that the events actually seem to be happening to them, instead of unfolding from a screenplay.

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