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Primary Colors

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United Kingdom, France, Germany · 1998
Rated R · 2h 23m
Director Mike Nichols
Starring John Travolta, Emma Thompson, Billy Bob Thornton, Kathy Bates
Genre Drama

Loosely based on Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential run, the film follows Henry Burton, who is tasked with overseeing the campaign of Jack Stanton, a smooth talking politician with a wandering eye. If Jack wants the White House, he'll need help burying his scandals --- and that's where Henry comes in.

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What are critics saying?


New York Magazine (Vulture) by

This entertaining but rather peculiar movie asks extraordinary questions, and I wish it were better equipped to give the answers.

90 by John Hartl

It's as wise and funny and revealing as anything ever created by Mike Nichols and Elaine May.

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