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Patrik, Age 1.5(Patrik 1,5)

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Sweden · 2008
1h 43m
Director Ella Lemhagen
Starring Gustaf Skarsgård, Torkel Petersson, Tom Ljungman, Amanda Davin
Genre Comedy, Drama

Göran and Sven have been cleared for adoption and they have a possibility to adopt a one-and-a-half-year-old Swedish orphan, Patrik. But when Patrik arrives he turns out to be someone else, not the little boy they were expecting. A comma had been misplaced, and in comes a 15-year-old homophobic with a criminal past.

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What are critics saying?


Time Out by

How Göran and his new charge bond (party boy Sven quickly splits) is the stuff of time-tested trite melodrama.


NPR by Ella Taylor

Yet Patrik, Age 1.5 does go further than "The Kids Are All Right" in its willingness to test the limits of mainstream tolerance for emerging family forms.


The New York Times by Jeannette Catsoulis

Sweet, generous and tonally sure, Patrik, Age 1.5 has a nostalgic feel, and not just because of a soundtrack skewed toward last-millennium tunes and a hyperreal suburban setting lifted straight from "Pleasantville."


St. Louis Post-Dispatch by Joe Williams

This homey construct is warm, exactingly crafted and painted with pop-country tones, but it's lacking a deep foundation where the issues that it raises can resonate. For a movie like that, we may have to depend on the Danes.


Los Angeles Times by Kevin Thomas

This most observant and involving film has three strengths: It shows that a strongly family-oriented, middle-class suburbia is initially hardly idyllic for gays; the arrival of Patrik reveals fissures in Sven and Goran's relationship; and that Lemhagen, who plays against predictability at every turn, maintains suspense right up to the final minutes as to how everything may turn out for the three.


Boxoffice Magazine by Tim Cogshell

Along the way Göran and Sven suffer the standard indignities of a Gay couple in an idyllic Swedish neighborhood. Which, as it turns out, are all the same indignities a Gay couple suffers living in an idyllic American neighborhood.

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