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The Hill

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United Kingdom · 1965
2h 3m
Director Sidney Lumet
Starring Sean Connery, Harry Andrews, Ian Bannen, Alfred Lynch
Genre Drama, War

North Africa, World War II. British soldiers on the brink of collapse push beyond endurance to struggle up a brutal incline. It's not a military objective. It's The Hill, a manmade instrument of torture, a tower of sand seared by a white-hot sun. And the troops' tormentors are not the enemy, but their own comrades-in-arms.

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What are critics saying?


The Globe and Mail (Toronto) by

Lumet uses every claustrophobic camera angle in the book to make the viewer feel as trapped as the characters. [04 Nov 2000, p.12]


USA Today by Mike Clark

Lots of sand but no day at the beach for its characters -- and not, from all appearances, the actors, either. Among the best of director Sidney Lumet's movies not set in New York. [08 Jun 2007, p.8E]

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