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Iceman(Der Mann aus dem Eis)

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Germany, Italy, Austria · 2017
1h 36m
Director Felix Randau
Starring Jürgen Vogel, Susanne Wuest, André Hennicke, Sabin Tambrea
Genre Adventure, Drama

Based on a prehistoric, naturally-mummified human body found in the Alps in 1991, this film tells the story of Kelab, a man living 5,000 years ago. After returning to his village to find its inhabitants, including his wife, brutally violated and murdered, Kelab goes on a quest for violent revenge against the people responsible.

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What are critics saying?


CineVue by Christopher Machell

Iceman’s violence and viscera is satisfying in its immediacy, and Randau’s singular focus is certainly admirable. It’s just a pity that any nuance in the fine line between humanity and savagery is lost among all the hacking and slashing.


Observer by Rex Reed

The film is so realistic and remote from any modern reality that you will never once imagine a catering truck parked nearby or makeup mirror for the actors to check their wounds.


Los Angeles Times by Robert Abele

Marked by stunning locations and Jakub Bejnarowicz’s fleet, evocative cinematography, Iceman is almost like something unearthed itself: a recognizable B western sharpened as much by its glints of psychology as by its kinetic savagery.

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