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I'm Your Man(Ich bin dein Mensch)

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Germany · 2021
1h 45m
Director Maria Schrader
Starring Maren Eggert, Dan Stevens, Sandra Hüller, Hans Löw
Genre Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction

The only single archaeologist at a struggling museum, Alma signs up for an experiment to fund her work. Her task is to test an android, Tom, that is programmed to be her perfect partner. Though Alma cannot share her emotional baggage with any human, she finds herself slowly opening up to the robot.

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The Playlist by Ella Kemp

More than a sardonic subversion of the tropes we fall for time after time, Schrader’s thoughtful romantic study digs into mundane neuroses and existential fears with wisdom, and empathy, making sure to keep you guessing long after Alma and Tom have stopped gazing into each other’s eyes.


IndieWire by Eric Kohn

Tonally, the movie often struggles to sort out whether it’s a disarming romcom or a straight drama, leading to some listless passages.


Variety by Guy Lodge

Taking inspiration from a short story by German writer Emma Braslavsky, Schrader and co-writer Jan Schomburg serve up a rich panoply of questions, answers and stray ideas. Rarely are these assembled into neat combinations, even if the script veers too far into thematic explication in the final third.


The Hollywood Reporter by Sheri Linden

This is a comedy that finds poetry in unexpected places: the ancient cuneiform that Alma studies, and the invented past that Tom concocts to explain their romance. With sly humor and no small ache, I'm Your Man asks if we really want our fantasies to come true, and what happens when we fall in love.


Screen Daily by Wendy Ide

The set up promises a high concept romantic comedy, but in execution, Maria Schrader’s immensely enjoyable picture delves rather deeper, touching on philosophy, socio-sexual ethics and humanity’s uneasily symbiotic relationship with technology.

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