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France, Switzerland · 1983
1h 25m
Director Robert Bresson
Starring Christian Patey, Vincent Risterucci, Sylvie Van den Elsen, Michel Briguet
Genre Crime, Drama, Thriller

A forged 500-franc note is cynically passed from person to person and shop to shop until it falls into the hands of a genuine, honest fuel delivery man named Yvon. As Yvon uses the forged bill at a restaurant, the bill is exposed, and he suffers a series of troubling consequences.

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What are critics saying?


The Globe and Mail (Toronto) by

There is no psychology in L'Argent, no acting to speak of; every scene is a minimal sketch which drives the didactic story forward. This use of narrative may sound ordinary, but, in Robert Bresson's pure filmmaking, it becomes extraordinarily relentless. [20 July 1984]


Newsweek by David Ansen

Constructing a work of implacably interlocking images, the 76-year-old director -- as clear-eyed, still and attentive as a beast of the forest observing human folly -- has produced an Olympian protest against the modern world. Yet his lucid mastery produces not despair, but an odd exhilaration. [16 April 1984, p.93]


Christian Science Monitor by David Sterritt

Every shot plays a part in the director's underlying scheme - to probe the actual and symbolic roles of money in society, and grander yet, to explore the relationship between matters of the flesh and the human spirit, as manifested by the struggle between aspiration and corruption. [22 March 1984, p.21]


The New York Times by Vincent Canby

It goes beyond the impartiality of journalism. It has the manner of an official report on the spiritual state of a civilization for which there is no hope.

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