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Shaun the Sheep Movie

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United Kingdom, France · 2015
Rated PG · 1h 25m
Director Richard Starzak
Starring Justin Fletcher, Omid Djalili, Richard Webber, Kate Harbour
Genre Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family

Shaun the Sheep's plan to take a day off from the drudgery of his daily farm life goes terribly wrong, accidentally landing his beloved farmer in the big city with a case of amnesia. Shaun and his flock must rescue the farmer while dodging a ruthless animal control worker in this stop-motion comedy.

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What are people saying?

Elsa Bauerdick Profile picture for Elsa Bauerdick

This movie is great for little kids while still being entertaining for adults. Without a single word being said, the message is clear. I would recommend this to any parent who wants a break from the singing, or honestly to anyone who wants something light and wholesome to watch.

What are critics saying?


Empire by

A Lower key than Wallace and Gromit or Pirates, but tightly packed with charm


The Guardian by Andrew Pulver

The Aardman vision of contemporary England is generous, inclusive and - if a fast-moving film about a smart-alec sheep can allow itself such grandiose ambitions – genuinely inspiring.


Variety by Guy Lodge

Though realized on a more modest scale than other Aardman features, the film is still an absolute delight in terms of set and character design, with sophisticated blink-and-you’ll-miss-it detailing to counterbalance the franchise’s cruder visual trademarks.


Entertainment Weekly by Joe McGovern

In a bold move that pays off, the movie jettisons dialogue altogether and tells its whole story through barn-animal noises, goofy sound effects, and sight gags so silly they’d make Benny Hill spin in sped-up ecstasy. The effect is contagiously cute.


The Hollywood Reporter by Leslie Felperin

Co-director Starzack was one of the guiding hands behind the series version of Shaun the Sheep, and that experience in the kind of brisk, skit-based comedy that makes the series so charming shows through here in stand-alone scenes.


Screen International by Mark Adams

It is sophisticated yet innocent, and while always accessible for young fans it never suffers from a lack of dialogue, with the straightforward and breezy story easy to follow and fun to enjoy.


The Telegraph by Robbie Collin

The wonder of stop-motion is the mountain of effort required to achieve even the smallest movement. The charm of Shaun the Sheep is that you don’t notice it for a moment.

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