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This is one of those classic mid 90s romcoms that shows just why we were all in love with Hugh Grant. Charles is hilariously relatable and unlucky. Carrie's character is well written even though she mainly serves as a love interest. Overall a great movie I would recommend to anyone looking for some lighthearted fun. Just be warned, like the title says, there is a funeral, and you will cry.
The film is beautifully shot, and beautifully acted, and is honestly a great experience to watch, but there is no reason for Elio to be 17. There are good ways to portray these kinds of relationships. For example by working entirely from the younger character's viewpoint, making it less an objective view of love and more of a coming of age story. But that is not what this is. Never do we feel that anyone in the story is aware of how inappropriate a relationship between a 24-year old and a teenager really is, even though many characters are more than aware that it's happening. Overall, it's a technically brilliant movie. The relationship between the two main characters feels real and personal, every character is explored in enough depth to make them realistic, and the score is a work of art in and of itself. But I just don't understand why any parent would be okay with their teenage son sleeping with a grad student, and I don't think the movie does enough, or actually anything, to address this problem.
This is a wonderful piece of character exploration. The whole movie feels more like a play, with characters entering a leaving but never showing us anything outside of Elizabeth and Stephen's home from the moment the dinner party starts to the moment it ends. Despite the somewhat goofy english title, this movie explores some of the deepest topics of intimacy among family and friends, and shows how maybe we don't actually know the people we love.
This is a wonderful adaptation of Jane Austen's novel. Upbeat and funny but still true to the tone of the original, it's a very fun watch.
Absolutely delightful. This story is heartbreakingly real even to this day for people who have to choose between their new country and their old. Ellis is played wonderfully by Saoirse Ronan, and the cinematography is absolutely beautiful.
This is a wonderfully funny movie about fundamentally unlikeable people. Somehow, despite the fact that sympathizing with our protagonist is difficult at best, Love & Friendship is lighthearted and entertaining. I would wholeheartedly recommend it.
This movie drags a little at the beginning, but once you get bast the first half-hour it is a heartbreaking portrayal of a young woman trying to complete high school. The story of Luca trying to get her life back together and the people she meets along the way rings true to anyone who has ever had to backtrack and re-live years lost to mental illness.
This is a wonderful movie. The acting is excellent and the story rings true even to someone who has never lived through the end of soviet rule in East-Germany. A little melodramatic at times, but it always rings true and is a heartbreaking portrayal of familial love.
This movie is so well-acted and overall a delight to watch. Every twist and turn of the story takes us along for the ride with a mesmerizing soundtrack and an overall aesthetic appeal that is not to be missed. Carol's character particularly is fascinating to watch both because of Cate Blanchett's wonderful acting and because of the heartbreaking emotional arc she goes through throughout the movie.
This movie is absolutely hilarious. From killer bunnies to shrubbery raving nights, every moment is wonderfully acted and impeccable panned out to deliver the most possible punch. The story feels like coherent plot but the sketch comedy feel the makes Monty python so fantastic still shines through
This is a wonderful movie. Just the right mix of uplifting and real, it is a good introduction to the themes of LGBTQ liberation and workers' rights. This movie can be watched both for entertainment and for its message, even if it does sanitize the history like most movies of this type do.
This movie is great for little kids while still being entertaining for adults. Without a single word being said, the message is clear. I would recommend this to any parent who wants a break from the singing, or honestly to anyone who wants something light and wholesome to watch.
I'm not sure who came up with the idea that this would be a good story to adapt, but oh boy. This movie has some beautiful costume pieces and great cinematography but in the end its still a story about a woman who is forced to marry her rapist.
This movie is so wonderful. It has an interesting storyline, a great message, and best of all a talking bear. A wonderful kids movie that won't be boring for the parents.
This movie is a poignant look at family, duty, and the pressure of presentability. Even though it revolves around British royalty, much of the content is relatable to anyone who has ever struggled with public perception or family. In the end, this is a movie about a man and the family that has ruled is life ever since he was born.
This TV show takes a very interesting look at Nazi Germany from the inside. Looking at the way in which propaganda can make brutality seem normal, and the things that can reverse the indoctrination, it is a very interesting study of fascism in the lives of those who are actully living it.
This is as much an adaptation of the Agatha Christie's classic as any other, though not anywhere close to as intriguing as it should be. Not necessarily a great work of art, but enjoyable nonetheless.