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United Kingdom, United States · 2014
Rated R · 1h 25m
Director Steven Knight
Starring Tom Hardy, Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott, Olivia Colman
Genre Drama, Thriller

Ivan Locke, a construction worker, must balance duty and honor during the most consequential night of his life. Stephen Knight's resourceful film takes place over the course of a single car ride as Tom Hardy masterfully carries this compelling story.

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What are people saying?

Meagen Tajalle Profile picture for Meagen Tajalle

This film at first seems far from what we think of when we discuss cinematic experiments, but it takes a bold risk and surmounts many challenges as it takes place mostly in real time and (save for the opening shots) entirely in the protagonist's car. Tom Hardy is as watchable as ever, and this film gives much to look forward to in Stephen Knight's future directorial endeavors.

What are critics saying?


Village Voice by Alan Scherstuhl

What director Knight excels at is continually inventive framing and composition, at suggesting, through layers of window and reflected traffic, the mental state of Locke, the hero.


CineVue by Daniel Green

Locke never shies away from from thrusting 21st concepts of masculinity into the full glare of the high beams, exposing its morally complex protagonist at his most vulnerable before triumphantly rebuilding him from the foundations upwards. Don't miss it.


Slant Magazine by Ed Gonzalez

The literalizing of Ivan Locke's hidden self and his inability to master it ultimately exposes the film as the squarest kind of theater: drama therapy.


Empire by Olly Richards

There are films to see on huge screens, but this is one that almost cries out for a small cinema, surrounded by total blackness. It’s a daring experiment brilliantly executed, with Tom Hardy giving one of the performances of his career.


The Telegraph by Robbie Collin

If you are asking an audience to listen to one man talking for an hour and a half, you had better make sure he is worth listening to, and minute-by-minute, Hardy has you spellbound.


The Guardian by Xan Brooks

Full credit to Hardy and Knight for making a film such as Locke. Low-budget film-makers could learn a lot from their method. And yet – having stripped away all but the bare necessities, having reduced the components to a car and a man – they make a classic error of overcompensation.

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