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Koi... Mil Gaya(कोई मिल गया)

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India · 2003
2h 51m
Director Rakesh Roshan
Starring Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta, Rekha, Prem Chopra
Genre Action, Bollywood, Drama, Science Fiction

Rohit, a young man with a mental disability, develops an unlikely friendship with an extraterrestrial being stuck on Earth. As the alien, Jadoo, helps Rohit increase his popularity, they grow closer. However, the cops soon get to know of Jadoo's illegal stay and begin to hunt for him, threatening to separate the two new friends.

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Nikita Chinamanthur Profile picture for Nikita Chinamanthur

In this E.T.-inspired extravaganza, Hrithik Roshan shines as the bumbling and sweet Rohit. For many kids of the early 2000s, Koi Mil Gaya represented an idyllic childhood turned into a superhero-hood. I've seen it countless times and it's still a pretty fun movie!

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