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Palestine · 2013
1h 38m
Director Hany Abu-Assad
Starring Adam Bakri, Waleed Zuaiter, Leem Lubany, Samer Bisharat
Genre Drama, Romance, Thriller

In this story of childhood friends torn apart in their fight for freedom, Omar, Tarek, and Amjad stage an attack on an Israeli checkpoint after being beaten and humiliated by Israeli soldiers. When Amjad kills one of them, Omar is captured and forcibly coerced into working as a double agent, but hides his true motives.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


The Dissolve by

Given that this is a film about a very specific political situation, with lifetimes of scholarship and signifiers behind it, writer-director Hany Abu-Assad made a bold decision in pulling back and going broad.


The A.V. Club by Ben Kenigsberg

Knotty and tense for most of its running time, Omar becomes muddled in its closing minutes, conflating personal and political treachery.


Entertainment Weekly by Chris Nashawaty

With the exception of Waleed F. Zuaiter, who does a remarkable good-cop act as an Israeli agent, the cast is composed of first-time actors who bring realism to a tragic story. It manages to punch you in the gut and break your heart at the same time.


Time Out by David Fear

Bakri has charisma to burn, but the complexity of Abu-Assad’s previous movies is traded in for weak genre thrills.


Variety by Jay Weissberg

Deliberately ambiguous in how it approaches the inexorable nexus of violence, Omar will trouble those looking for condemnation rather than the messiness of humanity.


Miami Herald by Rene Rodriguez

Like most movies about the Middle East conflict, Omar is ultimately about the futility of violence and how it feeds on itself.


Slant Magazine by Tomas Hachard

What Omar best portrays are the limitations that result from having an occupation, and the fight to overthrow it, dominate a person's entire life.

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