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Korea, United States · 2009
Rated R · 2h 13m
Director Park Chan-wook
Starring Song Kang-ho, Kim Ok-bin, Kim Hae-sook, Shin Ha-kyun
Genre Drama, Horror, Thriller

Sang-hyun, a respected priest, volunteers for an experimental procedure that may lead to a cure for a deadly virus. He dies, but a mysterious blood transfusion brings him back to life as a vampire. Sang-hyun finds himself torn between faith and bloodlust, and a newfound desire for the wife of a childhood friend.

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What are critics saying?


Village Voice by

The most intriguing aspect of Thirst is the steady erosion of Sang-hyeon's ethics, slackened from "do not" to "do not kill" to "do not kill the undeserving" by the lure of those O+ cocktails.


The New York Times by A.O. Scott

Unfortunately, it is also less than the sum of its parts -- overly long, lacking in narrative momentum and too often choosing sensation over coherence.


USA Today by Claudia Puig

Forget "Twilight." Fans of vampire movies are not likely to see anything more graphic, extreme or twisted than Thirst.


The A.V. Club by Keith Phipps

Thirst never picks up the momentum of Park’s best-known work. But its turgid pace creates a queasy fascination all its own, drawing viewers into an ever-darkening locus of sin and obsession where even the wish for redemption comes at a terrible cost.

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