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The Velvet Queen(La Panthère des neiges)

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France · 2021
1h 32m
Director Marie Amiguet
Starring Vincent Munier, Sylvain Tesson
Genre Documentary

High up on the Tibetan plateau lies one of the last sanctuaries of the wild world where rare and undiscovered fauna lives. Wildlife photographer Vincent Munier and adventurer and novelist Sylvain Tesson explore this landscape in search of unique animals, hoping to spot one of the rarest big cats in the world: the snow leopard.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


The New York Times by Ben Kenigsberg

The movie operates on two basic levels. One is philosophical, as the camera watches two men who are themselves looking through viewfinders experience the sensations of a place where humans rarely disrupt the natural order.


Variety by Guy Lodge

This elegant, unusual documentary shifts the role of the game-spotter from that of non-violent hunter — in pursuit of one prized target — to passive but duly wide-eyed observer, accepting but also appreciating the limits of our access.


Slant Magazine by Pat Brown

Long stretches of the film are simply mesmerizing, but both Sylvain Tesson’s written compositions and the conversation between him and Vincent Munier often lapse into clichés about the distractions and decadence of modern society.


Los Angeles Times by Robert Abele

Gorgeous, humbling, looking out-, up- and inward, the documentary The Velvet Queen is the rare nature film about not only beauty and beasts but also the very human urge to make sense of our place in it all.

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