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By the Bluest of Seas(У самого синего моря)

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Soviet Union · 1936
1h 11m
Director Boris Barnet
Starring Yelena Kuzmina, Lev Sverdlin, Nikolay Kryuchkov, Boris Barnet
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance

Yussuf and Aliosha are two sailors who get shipwrecked on an island in the Caspian Sea. They quickly get to work on the island, working as ship mechanics for “The Lights of Communism” kolkhoz (collective). However, the two friends start to butt heads after falling in love with the same woman.

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Kenny Nixon Profile picture for Kenny Nixon

Barnet isn't as widely known as many of his contemporaries (Eisenstein, Vertov) but arguable was the most talented of the early Soviet filmmakers, and this is his highest achievement, an almost musical tale of love and friendship

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