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Flash Gordon

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United Kingdom · 1980
Rated PG · 1h 51m
Director Mike Hodges
Starring Sam J. Jones, Melody Anderson, Max von Sydow, Chaim Topol
Genre Adventure, Science Fiction

In this cult classic space opera, football player Flash Gordon and travel agent Dale Arden are recruited to save Earth from Emperor Ming the Merciless, who is threatening to destroy it. Together, they travel to the planet Mongo on brilliant scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov's rocket to stop Ming's madness.

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What are critics saying?


Boston Globe by

If you enjoy laughing at a movie, rather than with it, then you might get a few chuckles. [18 Dec 1980, p.1]


Empire by Adam Smith

This campy extravaganza has it all - heroes, villains, beautiful women and high stakes. Laughably bad and fantastically good all at once, this is a guilty pleasure that everyone can enjoy.


Chicago Reader by Dave Kehr

Better than it might have been, given the limitations of this kind of brand-name filmmaking. Hodges doesn't shirk his duties, and though the film lapses too often into easy facetiousness, much of it feels surprisingly substantial. The action moves smoothly and logically, finding a rhythm that engages your attention despite the patent lack of inspiration and genuine commitment.


Chicago Tribune by Gene Siskel

A dumb and purposefully cheesy version of the comic strip space hero. Although the film has a few early moments of put-on humor, the story has nowhere to go. Sam Jones is not very bright as Flash. Only Max von Sydow as Ming the Merciless brings any style to the adventure. Only for the juvenile set. [19 Dec 1980, p.10]


The Globe and Mail (Toronto) by Jay Scott

The frantic pleasures of this film add up to what used to be considered good fun; good Saturday morning fun; good Saturday morning fun to eat pancakes and pour maple syrup by; good fun that, once the day begins, is good fun soon forgotten. It's a pity Flash Gordon can't be screened at the breakfast table. [6 Dec 1980, p.E7]


Chicago Sun-Times by Roger Ebert

Flash Gordon is played for laughs, and wisely so. It is no more sophisticated than the comic strip it's based on, and that takes the curse off of material that was old before it was born. Is all of this ridiculous? Of course. Is it fun? Yeah, sort of, it is.

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