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Sukiyaki Western Django(スキヤキ・ウエスタン ジャンゴ)

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Japan · 2007
Rated R · 2h 1m
Director Takashi Miike
Starring Hideaki Ito, Koichi Sato, Yusuke Iseya, Kaori Momoi
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller, Western

Genji and Heike clans face off in a poor mountain town with a buried treasure legend. When a nameless gunfighter comes into town, he is begged to join both gangs but chooses his own path instead. Dirty tricks, betrayal, desire, and love get jumbled together as the situation erupts into a showdown.

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What are critics saying?


Christian Science Monitor by

Speaking of Tarantino, who should never be allowed to act under any circumstance, he's cast in a key storytelling role, and it's one indication among many that the whole project is little more than a stunt.


The New York Times by A.O. Scott

More often there is a frantic, compulsive quality to the action. Fanboy intoxication with the idea of formal ingenuity too often stands in for the thing itself.


Salon by Andrew O'Hehir

Once you get past the question of why someone would make a movie this artificial in the first place and move on to the answer (purely for the hell of it), Sukiyaki Western Django is a blood-drenched, dynamite, often hilarious and uniquely weird big-screen entertainment.


Variety by Derek Elley

Basic joke wears off after five minutes, and many bystanders will start to head out of town. But genre/Asian buffs prepared to ride shotgun for two hours will be rewarded with some classy action sequences and densely accoutred widescreen lensing.

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