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United Kingdom, United States · 1986
Rated PG · 1h 42m
Director Jim Henson
Starring David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, Toby Froud, Shelley Thompson
Genre Adventure, Family, Fantasy

16-year-old Sarah is tasked with babysitting her baby half-brother Toby, but when his constant crying gets to be too much, she summons a goblin to take him away. She quickly regrets her wish, and has 13 hours to solve the labyrinth of Goblin King Jareth and rescue Toby before he is turned into a goblin.

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What are critics saying?


Empire by

Fabulous fantasy from the godfather of modern puppetry Jim Henson.


Chicago Reader by Jonathan Rosenbaum

George Lucas produced and Jim Henson (of Muppets fame) directed this heftily budgeted 1986 fantasy, which seems to be a conscious attempt to play on the female coming-of-age themes of classic fairy tales.


San Francisco Chronicle by Peter Stack

I think mature pre-teens along with immature teens might relate to this overbearing showcase of bizarre rubber duckies. Adults are bound to find it a major yawn, and young children are likely to be scared out of their wits. [27 Jun 1986, p.82]


Time by Richard Corliss

With their technical astonishments, Director Henson and Executive Producer Lucas have been faithful to the pioneering Disney spirit. In suggesting the thrilling dilemmas that await a wise child, they have flown worlds beyond Walt. [7 July 1986, p.65]


Chicago Sun-Times by Roger Ebert

Great energy and creativity went into the construction, production and direction of this movie, but it doesn't have a story that does justice to the production.


Los Angeles Times by Sheila Benson

There's more length than depth to Labyrinth. The Baryshnikov staging of "The Nutcracker" has more to tell about a girl on the edge of young womanhood, with more poignancy and a more palpable sense of transition, than all the technical wizardry Henson and crew have offered so lavishly-and without a single pop song, either. [26 Jun 1986, p.1]

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