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The Burning Sea(Nordsjøen)

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Norway · 2021
1h 44m
Director John Andreas Andersen
Starring Kristine Kujath Thorp, Henrik Bjelland, Rolf Kristian Larsen, Anders Baasmo Christiansen
Genre Action, Drama, Thriller

Described as a disaster movie about the deep sea oil drillings in Norway.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Slant Magazine by Clayton Dillard

The film drops any interest in the blurring of fact and fiction as it settles into a rote account of a contemporary oil rig catastrophe.


Los Angeles Times by Noel Murray

The film as a whole, though, never hits as hard as it should. The characters are too stock — generic enough that their personalities won’t distract from the looming apocalyptic trouble.


Film Threat by Rob Rector

By taking its time setting the stakes for all involved, when the action strikes, its impact is witnessed more through the cast rather than a cadre of CGI explosions.


IndieWire by Robert Daniels

For a movie so intuitively captivating, so visually extravagant, it very nearly papers over all its emotional weaknesses.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

Any time you can top your tale of crisis, calamity and heroism with sacrifice, pathos and a hopeful message, you call that a “win,” in Hollywood or Aelsund.

63 by Simon Abrams

The Burning Sea may ultimately be too uptight for its own good, but there’s enough here to satisfy disaster aficionados who’ve already been here before and only really want to root for more of the same.

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