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Oliver Twist

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United Kingdom · 1948
1h 55m
Director David Lean
Starring John Howard Davies, Robert Newton, Alec Guinness, Kay Walsh
Genre Adventure, Drama, Family

When 9-year-old orphan Oliver Twist dares to ask his cruel taskmaster, Mr. Bumble, for a second serving of gruel, he's hired out as an apprentice. After escaping that dismal fate, young Oliver falls in with the street urchin known as the Artful Dodger and his criminal mentor, Fagin.

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Chicago Reader by

Alec Guinness as the master pickpocket Fagin is the high point of David Lean's 1948 version of the Dickens classic.


LarsenOnFilm by Josh Larsen

It’s less impressionistic than Great Expectations and more starkly insistent—fitting for a work that doubles as a social tract about the mistreatment of children in England in the early 1800s. John Howard Davies, as Oliver, has a heartbreakingly fresh face, one that’s increasingly bewildered by the cruelty continually visited upon him.

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