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The Merciless(불한당: 나쁜 놈들의 세상)

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Korea · 2017
2h 0m
Director Byun Sung-hyun
Starring Sol Kyung-gu, Yim Si-wan, Kim Hee-won, Jeon Hye-jin
Genre Action, Crime, Mystery

Jae-ho, who aims to become the number one in a crime organization, gets to build up trust with Hyun-su, an ambitious newbie in the prison. While they try to take over the organization after the prison release, their ulterior motives starts to emerge.

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Screen International by

Although it could possibly be deemed a case of style over substance, Byun Sung-hyun’s The Merciless is an accomplished and well-structured South Korean noir thriller.


The Playlist by Bradley Warren

It’s perhaps not a huge step-up to those already well-versed in recent Korean action cinema, but sturdy direction by helmer Jung Byung-gil, restrained hat-tips to genre films past and the well-paired male leads keep The Merciless from feeling like the summation of more famous films.


The Guardian by Jordan Hoffman

By the end of this relentless, sprawling and bloody crime opera it may be you who is on your knees, begging for the damn movie to just hurry up and end it.


Empire by Nick de Semlyen

An ultraviolent Korean crime film with plenty of swagger and visual brio, but still too generic to really stand out from the pack.

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