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France · 2008
Rated R · 2h 10m
Director Cédric Klapisch
Starring Fabrice Luchini, Romain Duris, Mélanie Laurent, Karin Viard
Genre Drama

Pierre, a professional dancer, suffers from a serious heart disease. While he is waiting for a transplant which may (or may not) save his life, he has nothing better to do than look at the people around him, from the balcony of his Paris apartment.

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What are critics saying?


Village Voice by

At a 124-minute runtime, though, the writer-director has stretched a wide canvas, and only sporadically found anything worth filling it with.


Time Out by David Fear

This could have been a true urban mosaic. Instead, we simply get a vision of Paris as the city of lite.


Chicago Reader by J.R. Jones

Soggy stuff from French director Cedric Klapisch (When the Cat’s Away), set in the title city and collecting the routine travails of various urbanites.


Wall Street Journal by Joe Morgenstern

As a whole, though, Paris pulses with a contemporary version of the energy that animated Balzac's novels, or Colette's accounts of the life she observed from the window of her apartment in the Palais Royal.


New York Post by Kyle Smith

The tales mostly drift along and wrap up unresolved. If this is an accurate slice of Paris life, I'll take the relative excitement of Topeka.


The New York Times by Stephen Holden

There are enough intersecting characters from different classes and backgrounds in Paris to evoke the city as a complex, healthy organism, whose parts are all connected. If it is too lighthearted to show the actual political and economic machinery behind it, its celebration of how well that machinery works produces a pleasant afterglow.

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