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Chicken Run

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United Kingdom, United States, France · 2000
Rated G · 1h 24m
Director Peter Lord
Starring Phil Daniels, Lynn Ferguson, Mel Gibson, Tony Haygarth
Genre Animation, Comedy, Family

In this animated stop-motion comedy from the creators of Wallace and Gromit, a group of chickens attempt to escape their farm before they're turned into meat pies. The chickens' leader, Ginger, believes their hope lies with Rocky, a new chicken who crash-lands on the farm and promises to teach them all how to fly.

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Austin Chronicle by Marc Savlov

Absolutely delightful filmmaking, chock-full of gorgeously goofy animation and a storyline that cleverly echoes everything from "Stalag 17" to "Cool Hand Luke."

90 by Sean Means

That rare movie, a clever and unabashedly fun adventure that has as many winning moments as it has hen's teeth -- which is quite a lot.

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