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Zombie Flesh Eaters(Zombi 2)

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Italy · 1979
1h 31m
Director Lucio Fulci
Starring Tisa Farrow, Ian McCulloch, Richard Johnson, Olga Karlatos
Genre Horror

When a zombie is discovered aboard a boat belonging to a renowned scientist, the scientist's daughter, along with a journalist, travel to a remote island to rescue him. On the island, they discover a nightmarish disease that is turning the islanders into cannibal zombies.

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TV Guide Magazine by

Though the effects work of Giannetto De Rossi is generally excellent and certainly stomach-churning, most of Zombie is slow and unintentionally funny. Fulci's work has its champions, but his films are mostly dim-witted and hold little interest for anyone other than hard-core gore fans.


CineVue by Daniel Green

Beneath the video nasty hysteria lies a horror of substantial craft and skill. Its iconic synth theme is on a par with the work of Goblin, whilst its rich cinematography makes the very most of the film’s luscious locales.


Chicago Reader by J.R. Jones

Eventually the action leads to an uncharted island, where the film devolves into an explicit but unoriginal gorefest. [28 May 2009, p.30]


Empire by Kim Newman

A few memorable scenes but this doesn't keep up the pace or plausability sufficiently.

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