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The Housemaid(하녀)

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Korea · 2010
1h 46m
Director Im Sang-soo
Starring Jeon Do-yeon, Lee Jung-jae, Seo Woo, Youn Yuh-jung
Genre Drama, Thriller

Eun-yi is hired as a housemaid for a wealthy family. Eun-yi becomes close to the daughter, Nami, and the mother, Hae-ra, who is pregnant with twins. However, the husband Hoon begins an affair with Eun-yi, even as Eun-yi remains close with the family, and their relationship will have dark consequences.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Boxoffice Magazine by

With high production values and a glossily enjoyable mise-en-scene, the film is watchable.


The New York Times by A.O. Scott

An admiring, clever remake of Kim Ki-young's legendary film of the same title from 1960, this version, directed by Im Sang-soo, is at once more explicit than the original and less kinky.


Variety by Justin Chang

This high-end softcore thriller is juicily watchable from start to over-the-top finish, but its gleeful skewering of the upper classes comes off as curiously passe, a luxe exercise in one-note nastiness.


Time Out by Keith Uhlich

The major change is that the domestic, Eun-yi (the great Jeon, star of "Secret Sunshine"), is now more of a victim than an aggressor.


Village Voice by Nicolas Rapold

Despite eccentric touches, like a handheld street-shot overture and Grand Guignol Omen references, there's little difference between this story and soap-opera intrigue.


The A.V. Club by Scott Tobias

Though impeccably photographed and acted, The Housemaid begins to feel stifling and airless once Im's thesis about the abuses of the powerful starts to drive the film to a foregone conclusion.

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